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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Group Portrait: Fair Warning

For my forum banner heading image submission thingumajig, I was planning to try drawing a "group portrait" of a number of the Raytractors/SMRT (to go next to the text).

For anyone who doesn't know my style: The Penisgate 08 Parody. I'll probably add much better shading and effects to this one, though: I don't have to emulate Gunther here.

So this is fair warning: anyone with an even vaguely human avatar is fair game, and previous "history" may be taken into account when considering clothing and extras. Examples Taken Completely At Random And In No Way Absolutely Certain: Lance gets a beer stein, Kaitlyn gets a witches hat, Non-Magic gets the Photoshop icon, Maragon gets a light blue t-shirt, etc.

If you want to sit this one out and not end up in the picture, let me know.

And if you don't want to be based off of your avatar, have a request for how you'd like to appear, anything at all really, you can either send me an email at qu.quasar@gmail.com, or drop a comment in the comments. I can only do so many people, so priority will be given to people who respond first and people who have the highest post counts. And people without a mustache. Could someone link me to that post where everyones post counts were added up?

And if everyone drops me a note telling me to keep my pathetic wannabe artistic aspirations to myself, I'll call it off. No seriously, if you think it's a bad idea, let me know: I'm a little worried I might just be in a lack-of-sleep induced period of insanity. Again.

PS: Just so you know, I'm going to be drawing myself in there as well. I'll be the skinny guy with blonde hair and glasses. And possibly a mustache.

Edit: Oh, another group that will get high priority will be anyone with the guts to use themeselves as their avatar. Mainly because I'm a terrible hypocrite. [generic smiley]


  1. not that i post on here all too often, and wouldn't expect to be included, but it would be interesting to see your drawing of raptor jesus :)

  2. Not that I expect to be in there either, but I have piercings and tattoos!

  3. Ha!! I love it! Yep, I'll take the Photoshop thingy, I earned it.

  4. hah! Can't get me, you **&^! I don't have an avatar!


  5. ooh, love the idea, and I know I'm not the most regular regular, but I'd love in on this, 'specially if I can be my handsomely pixelated self in the avatar (if drawing that blocky is problematic its not necessary, but adding about 50 pounds would then be so). Oh, maybe with a pixel halo or something too for when I feigned drinking the koolaid.

  6. Just no cats, use good grammar, and don't use Zs for Ss.

  7. Lance: Fattier and baldier eh? You might regret this.

    Revenant: Hey, I'm going to add everyone I can afford the time and space for. But I need at bit of a description, or you risk becoming 'generic female with piercings'.

    Nonmagic: Suddenly I've got this mental image of the photoshop CS3 icon with an overlayed banana, like a demented coat of arms.

    Reynold: I don't necessarily need an avatar. I can work from mental images, and you just added a raspberry to yours. Heh heh heh.

    Rex: I dunno about doing you fully pixelated (it wouldn't fit the style), but we can certainly arrange a pixelated icon of your Jesusness.

    Rufus: Your image just gained a cheezburger.

  8. Oh Hell, Quasar. Put in a cat as well, and nonmagic can write a cutesy LOLCATS type caption.

  9. Lance, funnily enough the pic of you in the PenisGate comic looked kinda like me :)

  10. I think it's a good idea.
    And just to make sure: This is my face, even though I normally use a little less make-up, but you can take it as it is =P

  11. All is vanity. I would be sincerely flattered to be depicted.

  12. If you use my avatar, I can only hope that nobody gets the impression that the late great Bette Davis is a spiritual (?) contributor to the site. Sorry I have no recent photos, and in any case I doubt I'd have the nerve to use one. :-(

    Say -- does anybody know Ray's birthday? We could offer a salute by putting mustaches on all our avatars for a day.

  13. You can only draw me if you make my tits comically big and put a "For Ray" shirt on them.

  14. @Wee

    According to Wikipedia, it's Dec 05, 1949. Wearesmrt should be up by then. I'm working on it daily, but school work comes 1st.

  15. I'm not an official poster, so my post count is low to the point of nothing. However, I did suggest the name :-P

    I have a few choice photos of me in astoundingly embarassing poses to use, but if you need one, use my "WTF IS HE THROWING A CAT?" photo from Atheist Nexus (link to the right)

    (The word verification is "befiest," which is like "Beefiest" and that is very me. BEEFCAKE)

  16. I'm in.
    See what you can do with this distinctive older gentleman that I am; all vanity aside.

  17. Fine with me, if you don't mind using a rather revolutionary old gent.

  18. rufus said:

    "and don't use Zs for Ss."

    I'm right there with you mate. Amen!

  19. Stew,
    Your picture is a must.
    I crack up every time I see it.
    You remind me of Chevy Chase.

  20. Quasar said:

    "Lance: Fattier and baldier eh? You might regret this."

    That's much more flattering than a poncho, cape, jumpsuit, unisheet,
    muslim body roll or academic/judicial robe. At least it doesn't make him look like a weirdo.

  21. This is a 'shot' I've got to see. I can imagine what this is going to look like.

    Lance - you look more 'teacher-ly' in your other pic.

    Even I thought the suggestion by 'wee' was funny. I think even Ray would be touched (please, no jokes about him already being 'touched').

  22. I'm still not registered as a regular contributor (dunno, I feel comfortable placing my walls of text in the comments section, and I'm definitely too lazy run a blog).
    Anyway, should I be considered for artistic conversion, I'm happy with that. Typical accessoires would be: mug of coffee, bottle or glass of beer, a cat on my lap, and sadly a cigarette (just can't quit).

  23. tilia said:

    " This is my face, even though I normally use a little less make-up, but you can take it as it is =P"

    ..and a fine face it is, tilia. I was hoping that wasn't your regular amount of makeup! ;-p

  24. laof,
    no, it isn't ;)
    But I should try that once just to see how people in the street will react...

  25. -Small/Short
    -Shoulder length black hair
    -Usually in a band t-shirt or studded jacket
    -Black eyeliner
    -Vertical labret
    --Also anhy of the same stuff that Felix mentioned. Except the cat...I hate cats!

    This isn't me but it will give you an idea of what a vertical labret looks like (it's my only visible piercing)


    I don't know whether any of that helps!

  26. Rufus said:

    "Oh Hell, Quasar. Put in a cat as well, and nonmagic can write a cutesy LOLCATS type caption."


  27. Do you take suggestions from occasional commentors?

    Dale next to maragon with something naughty in his thought bubble.

    Representin' the foul mouthed dirty old, er, middle aged men. Fucking fuck.

  28. I know I don't have an avatar; I wouldn't inflict that on you good people, but an acceptable image would be:

    Tall, skinny, mid-20's, short hair and something 'British' (I'll take a bulldog, Union Flag t-shirt, fish 'n' chips, trilby hat or pint of Tetley's if accessories are a possibility!)

    I'm also fine with being left on the side-lines and quietly contributing from my natural habitat in the lurker's lounge, so no need to include my image if you've got enough already.

    PS. 'staches on the 5th of Dec is a must!


    I've got an updated list of post-counts if you want the all-new top ten?

  29. Use me or not, spoof me or not - it's all up to you, Quasar

  30. I look pretty similar to Captain Haddock, hence my avatar. Except I don't smoke anymore and I drink and swear considerably more than your average sailor.

    Anyone seen this game? Looks awesome!


  31. Post counts as of this thread (812 posts in total, and counting...):

    1.Rufus 82
    2.Dave 72
    3.nonmagic 59
    4.DisComforting Ignorance 46
    4.Froggie 46
    6.Clostridiophile 44
    7.Quasar 34
    8.Ranting Student 33
    9.MacGyver Jr 30
    9.Maragon 30

    I would say that all of the above can be applauded for both quantity AND quality over the past few months; great work guys

  32. Hah! I just entered 'Heaven'; take THAT Ray you sanctimonious ass.

    Thanks for saving my soul there alphgeek!

  33. tilia said:

    "But I should try that once just to see how people in the street will react..."

    Actually, I'd be more interested in what you - and some of the others with avatars - look like for real, without makeup or hoods or wierd 'camera' angles.

    But that's just me. Sort of the desire to 'look someone in the eye' philosopy... plus that's the 'world' (internet) we live in, where no-one seems to want to reveal their entirely 'true' self (and I'm guilty of that as well).

  34. Mine avatar is me, that is my foot in a dinosaur footprint....

    A picture of my face can be found on the Atheist Nexus site in the raytractors section.

  35. I wear a size 13 US if you are wondering how big that footprint is.

  36. Alphgeek - I saw Heaven the Game. Is it just me or does it actually look really pretty? I really can't tell if way down deep it is actually a Poe. Spaceships crashing into Heaven? ... the hell?

    Going to try it to see if the spelling mistakes are prevalent there, too. Will be very intreging, no doubt!

  37. Actually, although we don't look alike, it used to be a running joke with my friends and family that I was Lucy van Pelt from Peanuts because we have such similar personality traits. But I know you can't use that because of copyright issues.

  38. Nonmagic... FAIR USE FAIR USE FAIR USE.


  39. Well, if we could use it under Fair Use, I am partial to Lucy !! I'm not going to mind if it's not used though.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. I knowz I'm not a reglar, but dat ther' is ma foshor own face, and ma foshor own fingers throwen out a deuce. I'da be mighty flatter'd tah be derpicted in dat ther' interweebs graphic. Mhm. Ritely.

    Uh. That would be an attempt to make my shameless plea for Raytractors fame and notoriety slightly less awkward. Obviously it fails miserably. Vanity's right, Stew...

  42. kelly, we should petition for a funky javascript that rotates the banner caricatures daily.

    This javascript is linked to the number of posts and comments made. the more the comments the more often your pic appears.

    And then, and then the posts and commenst could have a vote or rank function ss the more your commenst were appreciated by others the more often your pic appeared in the banner

    and then! and then the script could count the number of times we comment over at Ray's site and then boost your appearance score (or diminish it if there's supposed to be a strike on)

    and then the script could link to the *DONATE* button so the more money we pledge the more often our pic appears in the banner.

    and then we could apply for tax free status coz we'd be a full on churchy thing.

  43. Stew,

    Your comment made me laugh - even more so because I was imagining you using your pitchfork to emphasize each new, brilliant idea. Good stuff.


    Maybe the Raytactors picture could share a striking resemblance to a certain painting of someone's last supper? Rufus gets to go in the middle because his avatar has a mustache and he's got the most posts so far.

  44. Hey! I said you could fatten me up - not make the extra-fat Homer!

    But I'd rather you do that than use an apostrophe "s" on a plural noun.

  45. I am fine with a volvox as myself.

  46. Whoa: this is going to be a big picture!

    I'm glad everyone is supportive of this, and I promise I'll do my best with the time I have.

    Expatmatt: Awsome, everyone on that list should be guaranteed a place. PS: How in the name of bleeding heckles did I make the top ten?

    Maragon: Aw crap. I wanted to draw you strangling certain presuppositionalists.

    I can do "For Ray" on the shirt, but there is a limit to how far I'll go with the other. I fear that the image would 'cause certain fundies to suffer Sudden Exploding Head Syndrome (SEHS).

    Plus it'd be unfair to all our other female contributers to only give you massive youknows.

    Macguyver Jnr: Awsome, you're in. Just let me get the blue paint...

    Stew: Oh, that pitchfork is just too good a prop to leave out. Suddenly I think we need to equip someone people with flaming torches as well.

    Also, the rotating caricatures idea is interesting, and we'll certainly end up with enough caricatures...

    Tilia: Cool look, I'll try to keep the makeup and robe without making you look too "sith"...

    theShaggy: You came up with the name, that gives you an honorary place in the picture. That picture of you with the cat is priceless, too.

    Lance: Oh, nobody mentions my grammaar and gets aways with it!!! MY EATS NAZIS!

  47. Quasar, I look forward to your portrait. I consider myself a bit of a doodler as well.

  48. Put in an orange cat for me!


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