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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Todd Friel - You sir, are a moron.

For the last time...

Post-modernism is NOT a set of philosophical dictates, it is a description of a (rather vague) set of critical theories referring to literature, drama, architecture, design, music and so on - from a particular point in time; their emergence having started in the late 20th century.


Friel - please read and understand the link above. Oh, and whilst you are at it - learn the meaning of 'begs the question'. I know you pride yourself on your intellectual acumen - but you shouldn't... Not because pride is a sin, but because your density approaches that of material found in strange quark stars.


  1. I listened to Todd one time, and he was doing this thing....it was so fucking annoying and stupid...

    He was mocking Dawkins for saying he was a 'cultural Christian' by saying in this child-like whiny voice "Cultural Christiannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!! Culturallllll Christiannnnnnnn!!!" over and over and over. I just turned the damn thing off and forgot about it. He could have very easily just have taken Dawkins argument and dismantled it with reasonable refutation of his claims, but instead he literally acted like a 3 year old who just got his binky taken away.

    I might go back and try again. Maybe sometime when I need to get my blood pressure up.

  2. Oh, and I agree on the usage of the term 'beg the question'. People should check the proper way to use that term before they use it. It drives me nuts when they use that one the wrong way.

  3. I've been going through the Infidel Guy Show archives trying to discover what guests provided interesting discussion. I was shocked when I heard Todd Friel's appearance. He came out of the gate and began trying to attack Reggie without even allowing himself to be introduced. His arguments were very immature and he made many outlandish claims. His whole argument was based on humanism causing the greatest crimes humanity has seen. Reggie did shut him up at the end of the interview and really chewed him out which was great.

  4. Todd is a local boy and had a show here before he hitched his wagon to WOTM. I stumbled onto his show 4 or 5 yrs. ago and he was my ent'ree into the bizarro world of fundamentalism. I'll be forever grateful.

    I have no particular expertise in anything outside of building and remodeling houses but I can listen to Todd for half an hour and feel like a Mensa member. So he does serve a function.

    When we had the bridge collapse last year, Todd went out days after for his teen on the street ambush to prove to the gullible that atheists (evolutionists) should be happy 14 people died because it meant less competition for resourses. Survival of the fittest, you see. He's not just a moron but a callous, self-unaware, total moron.

    And he writes books.

  5. MJ,

    Do you have a link to that show?


    What gets me is that people like that have no concern whatsoever for the fact that they are blatantly lying in order to misrepresent the other side. They really do not get that a simple Google search of 'survival of the fittest' will turn up its true meaning and thus out them as liars.

    I want to think think that people are not that moronic and would have more integrity than to lie. Everyday, however, I see that the evidence is overwhelmingly to the contrary.

    And here's the point that should really concern WOTM ministries, and any other ministry that operates with the same lack of integrity, if you lie to people and it is so very easily found out, how do you expect to people ever trust anything else you say?

    Ray's minions are constantly amazed that we would "attack such a man of God", and yet they do not comprehend that this so called man of god has given people reason to doubt every single word he says because of his constant lies.

    I'm not out refuting everything that the local Episcopals down the street are saying because even through I believe they have irrational beliefs, they aren't blatantly lying like Ray and his ministry is.

    I also think of this when someone makes a comment about how if there is no god then why aren't you out raping and lying and killing? It's because I have ethics,altruism, and INTEGRITY and when they say something like that they are showing me that they have none of the above.


  6. nm,

    They continue to lie because they continue to get away with it. I'm amazed that someone like Ray or someone in the political arena, which I'm more familiar with, can say something demonstrably false then continue to defend it or even deny saying it. I'm more amazed by the people who overlook their lies or try to defend them.

    John Dean wrote a book blasting modern Conservatism and he cited studies done on the authoritarian mindset. Conservatives, especially xtian conservatives fit the profile to a Tee. Rufus brought up 1984 recently. I reread it after reading portions of Deans' book a couple yrs. ago and the scenario wasn't so far fetched at the time. The pendulum is, thankfully, swinging back. At least politically.

    I'm sure I have blind spots due to my biases but I try to be honest with myself and others. I'm not special but I couldn't live with myself if lied that easily.

    You probably can't beat the liars, you can only contain them.

    /rant back at ya.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Todd is the most wretched of the WOTM clan, and that's saying a lot.

    Todd's use of the term "postmodernism" seems like the coded buzz words that political candidates use to concisely imply a great many things about their opponents. Like calling someone an "elite." The listener is invited to let their imaginations go wild at the spur of a suggestive and vague word.

    The fact that Todd and his listeners don't understand postmodernism is irrelevant to them. It's just a loose charge suggestive of atheism, abortion, homosexuality, globalism, and whatever else fundies want to work themselves into spasms over.

  9. Nonmagic, it's funny, that "Cultural Christian!!!!" rant was also my first attempt to listen to WOTM radio, and I instantly turned it off like you did.

    Those who didn't hear it won't be able to imagine just how childish and irrational he was being. His only attempt to make an argument or verbalize ideas was to repeat--and repeat and repeat--Dawkins' words in a funny voice. I was
    about to scream at my computer, "Make a fucking point!"

  10. MJ,

    Thanks for that link!


    I can't believe you heard that one, too!! Seriously, that was all he had was just mocking in a childish voice. That was it. I'm glad someone else heard his crap and can verify just how much of a fail that really was.

  11. Craig, I've never read anything by John Dean. If you give me the name of that book, I might look into it at the library, that one sounds interesting.

  12. From the absolutely miniscule amount I've heard Todd Friel, he sounds like a man who believes himself to be a shock jock, but lacking in the intelligent possessed by Howard Stern or any other.

    Instead, he just tries to be blatantly inflammatory to make himself feel better.

  13. I found Friel to be most similar to Bill O'Reilly. For example, he tries to debate people by throwing out a ton of claims that it would be impossible to refute in the time given. He also will then try to slow the debate by constantly interrupting his guest so they are unable to answer. Just some of my observations.

  14. non,

    Conservatives Without Conscience is the book. Dean was White House council for Nixon and a player in Watergate so he knows of which he speaks.

    I see you survived the DMV.

  15. I've listened to Todd Friel for hours and hours.

    He labels moral and ideological relativism with postmodernism (it's true as long as it makes you feel good)

    Thanks to Oprah Winfrey and people alike this mindset is really vivid in American culture and as annoying to him as to me.

    Perhaps 'postmodernism' isn't the real term for it, but nevertheless it's annoying.

  16. I like Todd Friel, his radio show is the best.

  17. Jean,
    Of course you would, dear. You can't think your way out of wet paper bag so most of his stupidity is lost on you.

  18. For those who care, Dr. Ben Witherington the Third (such an awesome name) has a pretty cool post about some of the things that Postmodernism means to Christianity.

    He is speaking from a Methodist stand point, but it's still pretty cool.


    A bunch of names of people I've never heard of in there, but it's really easy for ME to read, so I assume it's not over any one else's head either.


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