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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I got censored

I just wrote the word:


as comment to Rays newest post - and got censored. Seems as if Ray does already find offense in tasty delicacies.


  1. Or then the cencors decided that your post was a bit too off the wall and really didn't contribute anything to the ongoing discussion?

    There are two problems with this:

    a) The walls over there are already taken and

    b) launching a random word into the void easily exceeds the contributory value of most published posts.

    Now I want sausage. Damned you.

  2. Well, it would be the use of the word I suppose, like stick your bratwurst up Todd Fires butt?

  3. I just tried to do the Chocolate Cake experiment on him and his followers.

  4. Well, it looks like Ray's letting Vera get the last word in one of the posts over there, two of my comments haven't make it through.

  5. PS. My last comment to her is right above her comment. I mention that I can't get any actual replies to her pulished there. Hence, the linking to the SkepticalCommunity folks where I've stored my replies.

  6. I'm waiting to be censored because I just mentioned Ray making a lot of money. And I mentioned Raytractors.
    By the way, if you are someone new and want to find out about how much money Ray makes look here:

  7. As somebody with southern German roots, I'm very offended.

  8. Bratwurst is a culinary gift... it should never be used in a derogatory way.

    Now you've got me thinking of one too... piled high with saurkraut, mustard, onions....

    Breakfast of champions.

  9. laof,

    Bratwurst is a culinary gift... it should never be used in a derogatory way.

    Now you've got me thinking of one too... piled high with saurkraut, mustard, onions....

    Breakfast of champions.

    as breakfast...?
    I'm not German enough for that...
    Anyway, the best sausage ever is this:

    though it was better before everybody went crazy about BSE

  10. tilia -

    I was sort of j/k about bratwurst for breakfast... unless I were working 3rd shift.

    I don't know if I'm 'German' enough to try Bregenwurst. I do love most other Bäckerei und Metzgerei goods.

    That's probably why I gained about 30 lbs. (14 kilos) when I lived there.

  11. laof,
    well, probably you have to grow up with it. Especially with the stuff you usually eat with it. It's very Northern Germany style and you never eat it for breakfast.
    Even for me it's strange that some Bavarians eat sausages for breakfast but that would be weisswurst

    I wonder why only the Southern German stuff gets famous abroad...

  12. I consider myself a west-German (I live west of the Rhine)

    There is at least Beck's beer that got very famous abroad. But you are right Tilia: It's really annoying that many people in other countries equate Germany with Bavaria.

  13. Those tasty delicacies are too proudly turgid to be considered suitable for humble consumption

  14. I lived only in western Germany - in fact, formerly West Germany - basically an der Mosel

  15. On topic, I'm pretty sure Ray's censors have personalities. meaning, they like some people and dislike others. The standards aren't as strict as he makes them sound.

    Off topic, my grandfather's sauerkraut recipe rules. Pork shoulder and shredded apple/potato and caraway seeds, served with home made bratwurst - fantastic. It's been the centerpiece of our little central Mass Oktoberfest for a decade now.

    For his birthday, he would always celebrate with fresh ground pork (or hamburg) with a raw egg plopped right on top of it. Freaked me out as a kid :)

  16. wem,
    yeah, not many people are comfortable with eating the type of tatar you mention.
    Mettwurst is a bit similar to that, also delicious with pepper and onion on bread.
    I personally like Thuringian Bratwurst the most.
    That and a good beer makes my day.

  17. WeM -

    Your Oktoberfest 'specialty' sounds delicious. Save me a spot at the table, next time you have it. :-)

  18. Thanks LAOF :)

    Second weekend in November it is! I've got 2 five gallon carboys fermenting in the basement, one with a nice spring lager, and the other with a classic munich oktoberfest. Friends will be bringing another 3 batches of various styles. It's always a good time.

    Felix, I actually tried mettwurst during a trip to Chicago last year; the german quarter was a blast!

    Damn, I'm hungry now...

  19. My favorite from our local 'imbis' was either mettwurst or bratwurst with ketchup and curry powder, and lots of 'pommes frites' with mayo.
    Perhaps a good 'brotchen' on the side.

    That and and a Bitburger ("Bitte, ein Bit").

  20.      Would you believe that my comment about how the IRS might be interested in the Living Waters copyright policy and so encouraging a lawsuit might be a bad idea got deleted?

  21. laof,
    the food you mention make up about 90% of my reasons to consider myself a patriot ;).
    My wife had her first Currywurst when she was 22, after growing up in currywurst city Berlin, can you believe it?
    It's also Döner-city, which I don't mind at all.
    I love living here ;)


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