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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More waste paper to recycle...

As we all know, Ray is going to be putting out some more of his concentrated brain-farts in book form in the new year. According to the sidebar on his website:

The Atheist Bible (Holman Publishing), and, You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think (WND Publishing)."

You can be sure that both will be as vapid, dishonest, fallacious, irritating and self-righteous as his blog, but let's have a look at these 'major' publishing houses, shall we?

Holman Publishing:

A subsidiary of Lifeway Christian Resources, presided over by Dr. Thom Rainer (former Dean of the Billy Graham School of Evangelism of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary which, incidentally, is where he received his 'doctorate').

According to Wiki, Holman Publishing is; "Specializing in Christianity pertaining to fiction, homeschool, youth, history, and other interests", So he's gone to the right place there.


WND Publishing (otherwise know as WorldNetDaily):

Again, from Wiki: "The website's Commentary page features editorials from the site's founder, Joseph Farah and other social conservative authors such as Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, David Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Chuck Norris.", so Ray's keeping in good company there too.

If you look through the works of some of their published writers, you'll see how they could believe that what Ray has produced can be considered a 'book' - you'd never get this shit past Penguin.

I guess none of this is particularly surprising, eh? It's that same old story. Ray taunts, misrepresents, insults and generally winds up atheists. Atheists respond. Ray quotemines the responses and concocts a 'book' out of re-hashed arguments and faulty logic. Some intellectually and ethically vacuous publishing house prints the book. Ray's fanbase buys the books. Ray makes money. Repeat.

For fun, let's have a guess at some possible Chapter Titles for Ray's two up-coming best-sellers.

"The Atheist Bible"


"You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think"

I'm sure we can think of something...



"I have a severe case of Deja Moo; I've seen this bullshit before..."


  1. Seriously, we need to report his comment-copyrighting to Google now and see what happens to his so-called "writing."

    The first book will all be take-offs of Bible chapter:

    "Genesis (the Band)," and "Exo-Duhs." Maybe "Leave-it-of-course" but probably not "Gospel for the john."

    Anyway, for the second book, they'll likely be bad plays on clichées:

    "Two Atheists in the hand is like One in the Burning Bush."

    "Kill two sins with one stone."

  2. "Two Atheists in the hand is like One in the Burning Bush."


    Like Ray is that clever.

    For the second work of propaganda I thought it would be more like:

    Chapter 3: They deny the God they know exists.

    Chapter 4: Sinful pride in action.

    Chapter 5: Evolution leads to degenerate thoughts and behaviors.

    He will then go on to quote mine atheists from his site to support his delusional world view. I know, I know, so what else is new. He does have a built in audience who are actively taught NOT to think. How else do you explain the "Creationist Museum". Frankly it is rather sad that something like that could even get off the ground, let alone the number of visitors it gets.

  3. Chapter One: Atheists are dumb cuz I have a banana.

    Chapter Two: Science is dumb cuz I have a banana.

    Chapter Three: Jesus ate bananas so atheists are dumb.

    Chapter Four: The Bible says atheists are dumb so it must be true because the Bible is true because the Bible says it's true.

    Chapter Five: A rehashing of Bronze Age sheepherder culture and the worship of a reanimated corpse.

    Chapter Six: Quote mining and violation of copyright laws for fun and profit. Mainly for profit.

    Chapter Seven: Lying for Jebus.
    (This chapter goes on for several thousand pages.)

    The End.

  4. The more I think about this, the more I'm convinced that plaigarism should be reported. I'll allow him to quote me as he wishes, but if he makes money off of what I say without properly attributing it to me (and getting Google to sign the release forms), then he's subject to the laws of this land (and of the blog he quote mines from).

    Sry, not feeling particularly creative right now. Can't actually do anything other than rant -_-

  5. The Atheist Bible

    Chapter 1: What is a Atheist and why does he hate God so much? :(

    Chapter 2: A Compimalation of my Bestest Evah Blog Postings

    Chapter 3: Common Atheist Excuses for Not Believing Like I am Believing

    Chapter 4: Mean Thinks that The Atheist Says and How they Disprove Evolution

    Chapter 5: Mustache Maintenance; dos and don'ts

    The Second one with the long title

    Chapter 1: Explanation of the Metaphor in the Title (wrong)

    Chapter 2: What is Evidence and Why Should you care?

    Chapter 3: What is 'Think'? No, really, what is it?

    Chapter 4: Something something something coke can something something something banana

    Chapter 5: The Holy Profits (and how you can make them work for YOU!)

  6. Whateverman, I'm with you. I nearly posted on the Blogger Help Support group asking about how we would go about doing so. Maybe I'll get around to that this afternoon. Will follow up.

  7. @WEM - exactly. I am just in wait and see mode. If he uses anything for a profit I will notify Google.

    @Liz - you act is if there is only 1 creationist museum in America, I know of at least three and all within 1 day driving distance of where I live. The furthest being the most notable one, Ken Ham's. Stupidity is rampant.

  8. Rocky,

    I know there is more than one. I'm in active denial mode today OK?

    Thinking on it too long scares me.

    Though if I'm being honest, whenever I get into a war of words with a fundies I just remind myself that these are the idiots who think Adam and Eve rode raptors.

  9. I think we should notify Google anyway, and stop him while we still can.

    Also, isn't that big park of dinosaur models in California now a creationist museum, too?

  10. No worries Liz, I understand. Now where is my Velociraptor to ride?

  11. Before I am corrected, yes I know actual velociraptors were only the size of a turkey. That what most people think of as Raptors are actually Deinonychus.

  12. Worldnetdaily.

    I was actually considering doing a post on these fucking jizz balls, but time is jammed up for the next couple days, but suffice to say, the couple times that someone has mentioned to me an article out of that deplorable rag I instantly burst into uncontrollable laughter.

    They constantly have "special offers" like:

    "Turn $200 investment into $1.2 million!"
    "The largest source of weight-loss info!"

    "101 Ways to Magnetize Money
    By Matt Furey" only $99.95

    "The Cleanse Patch® is an all natural patch that effectively and immediately extracts heavy metals and other forms of toxins from your system while you sleep. In fact, you will see and feel the difference in just one night. You will see the morning after you wear the first patch that it has turned completely dark,...."
    "Only $199.99 for 6 boxes + Free Priority Shipping"

    You stick these things on the bottom of your feet at night! MFG. People buy this shit, by the way. Fundamentalists are a favorite market for all kinds of products like these because they are the most credulous segment of society.

    I wouldn't publish a bus schedule on a site that advertised that type of crap.

    But, ol' Ray is in bed with them.

    Cuck Norris and Ann Coulter, contributors.
    Can you feel the mnagic?

    Trust me, there are many fundies that get their everyday news here and spend thousand of dollars on the homeopathic and sometimes dangerous remedies they advertise.

    They consider this absolute nonesense as a valid news source.
    But how, how, how?

    These people are so intentionally misleading and dishonest it just makes my want to barf.

  13. Froggie said:

    You stick these things on the bottom of your feet at night! MFG. People buy this shit, by the way. Fundamentalists are a favorite market for all kinds of products like these because they are the most credulous segment of society.

    Ohhhh, just like the "Kinoki Foot Pads", they do the same thing, but for a lot less.

    It's funny you mention the gullibility of fundies. I was talking to my husband about this just the other night. It's my opinion that we wouldn't have things like "time-shares", "Amway" or "Heidi Montag" if not for them.

  14. Ray always reminded me more of Kevin Trudeau; so I was thinking something more along the lines of "Bible Secrets 'They' Don't Want You To Know About"

  15. Uhm, so I really hate to get all conspiracy-theorist up in this piece, but if you're really going to go to Google about Ray's plagiarism maybe someone should start documenting the site and comments. If the water gets too hot Ray could just shut down the whole mess, claiming it had served its purpose and was no longer needed.

    Just saying; we all know he's dishonest enough...

  16. Kelley,

    I think this was brought up before when there was talk of a Raytractors book being put together but nobody had the time or wherewithal to get it done...

    Thank you for volunteering to head up this project; we're all counting on you :)


  17. It's more reporting the following:

    1. His books have been almos entirely quotations over the past little whil.

    2. Google TOS allows us (the commenters) full copyright over our material.

    3. Ray as expressed absolute desire to use said comments via a disclaimer on his website.

    At the very least, Google/Blogger can say "Hey by the way you can't quote any of the comments on your site in future books because our service doesn't allow you."

    Whether they will or not, I dunno.

  18. Here's what I posted (I hope it links here:

    Hi guys, trying to figure a course of action here,

    I and a group of others frequent a blog by a reasonably well-known niche author of whom we are critical. A great number of his previous publications have been largely compendiums of quotations, the context of which are usually dubious.

    Anyway, as far as I'm aware, Google and/or Blogger TOS ensures that copyright on commented material is retained by the author of that comment, however this particular blogger has now affixed a disclaimer claiming "fair use" to publish comments from his blog in future books. Previously (and we have documented on a seperate blog) he has claimed ownership over those comments, but when we pointed this out, he began to bring up "Fair Use" laws.

    To whom would we contact to get Google's official word on the matter? He appears to be publishing books in the very near future and a number of us are concerned that he will mine our comments well out of context in order to ridicule us or our shared position. Most of us are not willing to provide permission, but he seems to be intent on keeping them anyway. Note: he hasn't done it yet and so filing DMCA doesn't seem appropriate at the moment. But if we could have some official idea about the legality of this disclaimer, that would be great.



  19. Great effort, Shaggy.
    Thanks for persuing this.

  20. There once was a blogger called Ray
    who published what others did say
    These others all saw
    it was against the law
    But Ray made his books anyway

  21. "Atheists Will Eat Your Children and Other Truisms"

    Featuring such favorite chapters as

    "Religion is the opiate of my asses", and
    "Why men with moustaches never lie"

  22. Oh my Tolkien.

    Frodosaves your blog is amazing.

    ...Are you new to Raytractors? I'm fairly new myself, so I can't tell sometimes.

    If so, welcome!

  23. These collections of nonsense will also probably be used as the new Texas Board of Education's mandated textbook for the high school course in comparative religions.

    The only other text is, of course, the Bible.

  24. Kelley,

    Yep, I'm new here. In fact I'm relatively new to this whole blogging thing in general. I'm thrilled you like my blog though! A lot of blood, sweat, and baby Jesus' tears have gone into it, so it's hugely gratifying to know someone out there likes it!

  25. After Kelley entioned it, I took a look - and enjoyed the current post immensely :) I passed it into several friends.

    Keep up the good work...

  26. I made a comment on Ray's post, questions atheists can't answer, and he didn't let it go through. I said, "so how's the book going? Is it almost done?"

    I think that post will be a whole chapter or two in his new book.


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