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Friday, October 24, 2008

Whois searches are great.

"You're a liar! You're a liar! You know something you're not telling us you slimy, scumbag liar!" - Chris Stotch.



Edit: Ray changed the name in the post, so yes he does own theresprobablynogod.com. I also found out that Living Waters has at least 140 web domains that redirect to his blog. What an ass.


  1. He actually registered theresprobablynogod.com:


  2. Meh, the jagoff changed it after the fact. Who would have suspected?

  3. Is this news or olds? There's a campaign in Britain to have banners with "There's probably no god" slabbed on buses. Odd coinkidink.

    This is an age old tactic. One of my favorites is the website goldenconnpass.com/, that tried to ride on the Golden Compass movie's waves.

    There was a thread about it at Jeff's Lunchbreak earlier this year.

  4. *sigh*

    ethan said...

    I love the fact that even these Atheists don't have the conviction of their own faith to just say, "There is no God" but that they use the word “Probably” instead.

    That’s not a very confident message. It’s like saying “You probably won’t get a STD, enjoy unprotected one night stands” or “You probably won’t get caught or crash your car, have a beer while you drive.”

    October 24, 2008 10:08 AM

    No matter how many times we explain it to them, they just never seem to get it, do they??

  5. Just let them waste money. They don't get it. If a company wants to buy the website they do it well before there is announcement about whatever it is. Back in the mid to late 90's you could do this sort of thing but now a days no way.

  6. Yeah I saw that also NM. Ethan is a lost cause though.

  7. Jinx McHue said...

    "There is probably no God"

    Yup. And there probably are no bullets in this gun you just found on the ground. Go ahead and put it to your temple and pull the trigger.

    In my response I coupled this lovely sentiment with Ethan's. I believe my comment was something like:

    And the fundies are the first ones to bring up sex, drugs and violence. Why am I not surprised. *eye roll*.

    They are all douchebags. AllFiredUp has me fuming today-UHG!

  8. I just browsed, as in completely read all comments to, the last several blog entries at Ray's.
    I am certain that the percentage of pathologically, certifiably mentally ill people Ray attracts is rising. For every one that leaves or is driven off, at least two more arrive. These days it seems that a significant percentage of theists who visit there have issues that could be treated.
    Why not sit back and watch it all go down in a lunatic frenzy?
    Because these cases precisely describe the people in the news who one day decide to stab their children or other relatives in the face to drive out demons. Or smash their skulls in with a hammer. Or boil them alive in the bathtub. Or throw them from a bridge.
    All of this happened. And in every single case, the murderer was a deeply religous person, a woman most often, who stated that she could hear angels or God talking to her, telling her about spiritual warfare and demons. The people in their social circles knew that they believed this. Their pastors knew. And they were left to slide deeper and deeper into insanity, because their insanity was outwardly a mere confirmation of faith. In one case that happened in Germany, the husband pleaded the office for youth protection to take the children into custody (they were not living together and she had the children). He even provided an audio tape of his wife speaking of demons and demonic threats to her life. The office admitted having sent over a counselor, who found nothing wrong and noted strong religiosity. They never listened to the tape, claiming they had 'overlooked it' in spite of it being included in the case file. The woman murdered all of her children two weeks later.
    The comments at Ray's show many signs of manic exacerbations, switching between euphoria, desperation, paranoia and vehement pleading.


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