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Sunday, October 19, 2008


I just read this in a little, and very entertaining book (in a little part talking about the proposed law forbidding the teaching of evolution in Tennessee):

"Scope was convicted, and the law wasn't overturned until 1967. And now the state was about to bring the law back, proving conclusively that the danger for Tennesseans isn't so much that they may be descended from apes as overtaken by them."

Nope, it is not the god delusion, nor a book about atheism either, nope, not a creationist quote either.



  1.      It appears that you have stumped the panel. (Yes, I watch too many game shows.)

  2. chirping heard around the panelists ...

    No problem. We will have other posts. Perhaps a bit mre interesting this time GE, please?



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