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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just imagine Christianity would finally end and Ray Comfort would have to find a real job.
Perhaps he just fights so hard for Christianity to continue because he does not know what would become out of him in such a world.
Some suggestions:
Door-to-door salesmen with his favorite slogan:
"Buy this product or burn in hell."
Or he might open a shop for fruits and vegetables explaining to women what bananas are also perfectly shaped for....

maybe you have some more ideas what could become out of him...


  1. Stunt double in the next Mario Brothers movie

  2. The Lawnmower Man. Ray could continue doing what he's doing now, using cooler technology.

  3. Garbage man...or running a telethon...or roadkill collector...or a witch doctor

  4. Really, he wouldn't know what to do. That's why Christianity will almost certainly never "end" for him, or for those who think like him. The disappointment would be crushing. They couldn't handle it.

  5. *snort* Wasn't it Gallagher who proposed that the U.S. Census Dept. save billions of dollars in taxpayer money by simply recruiting Jehovah's Witnesses? They compulsively go door to door anyway...

    Same principle!

  6. Something that involves talking AT people, not listening...


  7. We could put him on display in the public schools to serve as a bad example.

  8. telemarketer.

    "Do you think your long distance carrier is good."

  9. I'm imagining answering the phone and hearing that voice and that accent, trying to sell me something I neither need or want. Well, at least that would be the same.


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