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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This is a new addiction
Induction into my cult
Innocent Christian girls
to be my drugged up

Dark trash littered alleys
The veins of metropolis
lead to the cemetery
on the outskirts of town

Something is taking you there
as we drift
A ceremony of the diseased

You are saved
Pouring alcohol
over your nude body
A grave
Lit with candles
Sirens, a choir
Police lights make stained glass
Adrenaline sanctifies

Tied, bound and blind
Sodomy is a benediction

You become me
Part of my collection
Protestant or Catholic
Makes no difference
They all cry the same
Another Christian girl
to pleasure me.


  1. Dark and disturbing...I like it!

  2. Um... maybe that's a bit much....

  3. I'm officially creeped-out.

    Back, demon!

  4. All it needs is a musical score by My Chemical Romance

  5. maybe that's a bit much

    I agree, but not to the point of suggesting it shouldn't have been written or posted.

    Nice diction / pace, imho

  6. I think we need some progressive poetry around here from time to time.

  7. My Chemical Romance no way...we need something more rockin like disturbed!

  8. Yeah, people say I'm a little strange.

    I met another one of those Christian girls last night.

    All that was going through my mind was my poem, about drenching her in Vodka and duct tape (perhaps against her will, but in the end she will like my sickness.) Maybe its my pathology that I find a sick pleasure in associating myself with polar opposites who need to be trained in my diseases.

    I know the innocent Christian girls are all pretenses when it comes to theology, (just a metaphor for their victimization fantasies.)

    Theology is subordinate to biology.


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