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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ray Tops Himself in Pettiness and Childishness

Thursday, September 18, 2008
Jillions Kittens

"You just don't get it, Ray. Your God is so psychotic that I wouldn't worship Him even if you could prove He was real, which thank God, you can't. Your own Holy Book says that your God drowned 99.9999% of all air-breathing life on the planet. Kittens, Ray. He drowned jillions of kittens--and you worship Him. Are you crazy or what?" Captain H.

Why are you so upset? As an atheist, you believe that no one made the kittens. There was nothing, and then, over time, there were jillions of cute kittens. Besides, for an atheist, life has no rhyme nor reason, and there’s no absolute right and there’s no absolute wrong. So, in your book, God ultimately didn’t do anything morally wrong.

Are you as angry at veterinarians (who in the United States kill around 12 million cats each year) as you are at God? They kill them Captain. Cats and kittens (and dogs). When did you last get angry enough about cat and kitten deaths to picket outside a vet clinic?

Besides, if God made the kittens, He has the right to kill them, if He sees fit to do so. I'm sure you know that cats breed like rabbits. Can you imagine how overrun the earth would be by now if God hadn't killed those jillions of kittens?

So, the next time you are upset about God and His judgments, remember that if cats came by the process of evolution (and all cats die), God didn’t kill them, evolution did. So get mad at your own beliefs and lighten up when it comes to others. Live and let live.

Posted by Ray Comfort on 9/18/2008 01:06:00 PM 16 comments

I think the crux of it is the "God has the right to kill them if he sees fit" line. If Ray's God decided to play another game like the one He played with Job, say like He decided to kill every child on the planet under the age of ten, Ray and his fellow believers would say "that's fine with me, as long as I'm not going to Hell".

Then there's the stupidity of "remember that if cats came by the process of evolution, God didn't kill them, evolution did". Ray always goes full retard.


  1. I think the problem with Ray is that he never really leaves full retard mode.

  2. I beat you to it Rufus!

    In fact, I beat Ray to it! What the heck is going on with my posts?

  3. Quasar,

    I noticed yesterday that your posts are showing up way down the page. Are you saving them as a draft and coming back to publish them later?

  4. quasar:

    I clicked your link and saw your post but it's not on the regular page. I have no idea. I wondered why no one had put something up about that one.

  5. "Ray always goes full retard."

    It's sad, it really is. Not that Ray says things like this (I've already established him as an extremely intelligent con artist: nobody could come up with this stuff and believe it), but that others buy into it and then defend it without realising how stupid it is.

  6. Quasar,

    This is what I thought happened, I could be wrong and there could be a glitch with Blogger or something.

    I thought you were writing the posts, saving them as draft, and then coming back later to publish them, which would make them still publish below anything on the page that has been published since. Make sense? If that were the case, you'd just have to change the time when you were ready to publish to the current time.

  7. COMPLETE TANGENT (sorry about this):

    I've stated that I'm taking a 1 week break from Ray's blog.

    Vera has just posted the following. Note that I said this after giving up trying to get Terry to stop being a complete waste of flesh (futile, I know)

    Terry, you're unbalanced. Seek professional help.

    Here is class example A of a facetious comment. Just thought you would want to see one from Whateverman just so you'd know what one looks like in another form.

    Here's my question: should I respond? I really really want to, but I'm torn between honoring my promise and illuminating that which is in need of it.



    IRT this topic: again, I don't take Ray seriously any more. He's not worth my time responding to.

  8. I think it's really funny that Vera, who thinks there are spiritual creatures who can walk through walls and that her god killing kids is just 'neat', has the fucking nerve to call someone else unbalanced.

    If it will make you feel better then respond.

  9. I guess the whole point I was trying to make was If the town drunk was drowning kittens, you'd wanna shoot him. These yokels actually worship a God they say did that on a planetary scale.

    I mean, if deliberately drowning cute, helpless kittens isn't evil, then what the hell is?

  10. Nonmagic wrote:
    "I noticed yesterday that your posts are showing up way down the page. Are you saving them as a draft and coming back to publish them later?"

    Nup. I dunno why they're doing that: both of them (Jillions Kittens and I Can't Believe It's Not Torture) showed up at appear at 5:41PM, despite there being a 12 hour time difference between them. My confusion is reaching critical mass.

    Rufus wrote:
    "I clicked your link and saw your post but it's not on the regular page. I have no idea. I wondered why no one had put something up about that one."

    They're well down the main page, below "Why argue with a creationist?" by Benjamin Franklin. I dunno why: I assume the internet has become sentient and is now trying to kill me.

    Well, it's a possibility!

    Stop looking at me like that!

  11. Quasar,

    That's really, really weird! I used to be part of a group political blog years ago that had a lot of members like this one and once in a blue moon Blogger would have a glitch. They said it was limited to blogs with a lot of members. I have no idea whatsoever if that is what is happening here.

    Maybe email Mac and see what he thinks?

  12. We should always remember we're trying to reason with people who are prepared to not only turn their back on their own loved ones, but actually worship their loved ones' Torturer while they're being tortured!

    I mean, that's pretty far out there, kids.

  13. Please don't start doing LOLCats again.

  14. Rufus.....do....not....tempt....

  15. I actually like this as a creation myth.

    "And then no one said, 'let there be kittens.' And it came to pass that the universe was full of kittens."

  16. 1. Thou shalt not drown kittens,
    2. Unless thy kittens be lolcats,
    3. Then shalt thy kittens be drowned for their own good,
    4. And the internetz shalt be more highz quality than they werest before thy kittens were drowneded.
    5. And the LORD, in his almighty wisdom, sayd unto the internetz peoples:
    6: "LOL. :)"

  17. I wonder if Ray was on of those weirdos that tortured kittens as kid. I wouldn't be surprised.

  18. What can I say? I don't like cats; but I love pussy.

  19. whateverman

    I have been tempted to answer & refute some of the bullshit on Rays blog, but I am staying resolute not to post.

    Hang in there!

  20. Once in a while (although less since I started posting here), I feel inclined to post a comment at Rays blog. The trick is to be polite and civil, and if at all possible agree with something they say (anything, even if it's nothing to do with the topic).

    The concept of nice atheists confuses them (hense Terry's Schitzophrenic reactions to Kaitlyn).

    I think it goes a long way to helping the reputation of atheism if we can stay polite even on a spiteful, pathetic site like Atheist Central. If you want to vent, come here instead.

  21. Quasar,

    I just took a look over at the nuthouse and it seems that Ray's latest post showed up UNDER his post from earlier today....so maybe Blogger is having problems. That's really odd.

  22. nonmagic, BenF and Quasar: thanks for the advice/insight. I'm just going to let it go, and adress it only if it reappears.

    Thanks again.

    PS. I completely agree, Quasar, They're much more receptive if you find some common ground

  23. yeah, I thought about the 'evolution kills kitties' thing too.

  24. Ray's post was just too much concentrated stupid to even try and answer. Wow.

  25. It's official, Ray handed his blogger to a seven year old kid.

  26. You also have to love how people like Ray argue for absolute morals, how atheists can't have morals, how God is perfectly moral -- and they accomplish all of this by asserting that anything God does is moral.

    Well hey, here's some absolute morals: everything I do is moral. I have just become perfectly moral.


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