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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Search Is Over

I found it. We can stop now.


  1. I knew the meaning of life would have something to do with him!

  2. Hey Tractors!

    You did not "plow" Ray under! oh no. He is back up and posting now!

    of course the pics are turned off, but you can't keep a Good Man down!
    God Bless you atheists! I hope and pray you see the error of your ways before its too late.

    In His Love,
    Terry Burton

  3. Terry,

    I never had the notion that Ray would stop posting. He was just bluffing and looking for attention from his minions.

  4. Farm machinery puns are my new favorite thing about Terry.

  5. Did you hear about the tractor salesman whose wife left him?

    She sent him a John Deere letter.

  6. Hey Terry!

    You haven't posted in a while. I guess you were on a top-secret training mission in heathenland. Welcome back. The logic and sanity were getting to be too much to bear.

    Yes indeed, now that Ray's finished his performance as a pathetic, whiny crying bitch, he is back. Someone must have called in the Wahmbulance. I expect he'll need his ego massaged again soon enough.


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