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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Evangelist Tony Alamo was arrested. Former church members accuse him of child abuse. Alamo claims there is a mandate from the Bible for young girls to marry, that consent is puberty.

The Bible is a holy book, God's word, that we all need to live by. There are plenty of stories about older men marrying young teen age girls in it. Back then a older man could go to some 12 year old girl's father, offer him some cattle and a few shekels, and voila, he's got himself a child bride, ready to start pushing out a kid every year until she drops from exhaustion. And I don't believe the Bible speaks against it.


  1. This just shows that any behaviour (repugnant or not) can be legitimized if the Bible is your law. There will be a passage in there somewhere that can be deliberately twisted to suit whatever someone is trying to justify.

    In fairness, the Bible isn't the only holy book to tacitly condone the abuse of minors. Doesn't make it right though.

    The expression 'consent is puberty' disgusts me. He presumably means that if a child can say the word 'yes' than that's ok. This would include children under two years of age.

    Whether Alamo's guilty of abuse or not, if this quote is his firm belief, then I'd willingly be the one to remove his bollocks with some rusty shears.

  2. Hardly surprising when countless people keep declaring that the Bible is the basis for secular law, that a free Western society wouldn't exist without Christianity. For a believer, it's the logical step to go directly to the Bible - God has made him this way, so it's the right thing to turn to scripture to relate to these urges. You will probably not find a single judge in the whole US who is willing to say 'let me be very clear on this, the Bible is simply wrong, these are old stories that are not to be taken as guidelines for your life'. How can you explain that to people when you're not allowed to say it from an official position, and when the affirmed mainstream policy is always 'when we need counsel, turn to the Bible'. It's a thin line, as religious freedom is defined to protect in both directions.

  3. Ya know, a video about this guy going ballistic on some Fox News reporter was posted on Reddit the other day. We only think Ray is a whack job, but he doesn't hold a candle to the likes of this dude.

    LOL, love the tag, Rufus.

  4. Oh, yeah, Alamo is a piece of work. I like the fact that he kept his dead wife's body around for 16 years because he said she'd be resurrected.

    And yeah, Muhammad liked 'em young as well. Uh oh. I smell a fatwa coming. Death to the Raytractors!

  5. o_0 He did what??? Dead body??? 16 years?? WTF ???? And people still give credibility to this freak??

  6. Is it legal to keep a dead body? In my country, anything not authorized as a proper burial method is illegal. No burying in the back yard, or in fact anywhere in nature. Even the ashes can't be scattered at all, and urns must be encased or entombed at a cemetery and can't be kept on the mantelpiece.

    Remember that priest who murdere his wife and sexually abused his daughters? He kept her body in a freezer for years. Maybe he thought she would arise again also. Probably not.

  7. I would suggest that the comment "puberty is consent" means that puberty indicates consent in the same way the yellowing of a banana indicates "eat me".


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