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Monday, September 29, 2008

Dont'cha just love spam?

I recently checked an email account I hadn't used in... well, a while.

It was 100% full with spam, but some of the titles were kinda funny.

The best was this: "Naked chocolate Jesus rises again"

NAKED CHOCOLATE JESUS! How awsome is that?

I'm converting to a born again christian right now! Ray! Wait for meeeee!!!

Others included: "Japan's camera phone craze spreads to funerals", "Second Of Two Stolen Monkeys Being Returned To Owner" and "12 Pounds Of Pot Mailed To Elementary School".


  1. A Tom Waits song called "chocolate Jesus"

    Watch it on YouTube

    Tom Waits is the best.

  2. Contrived joke of the day:

    That's no spam you got there, these are clearly "I can't believe it's not not news"!

  3. I actually sent my sister's emails to spam for a while until she promised not to send any more chain letters or jokes. hehe.


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