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Friday, September 19, 2008

Too damned hot

I just found this. It's pretty old stuff, but there is something Ray doesn't seem to know about Heaven
I think I'd rather stay here


  1. Poem for Atheists

    An atheist should always say what's true,
    And speak when he is spoken to,
    And behave mannerly at table:
    At least as far as he is able.

    God Bless! Have a Great Day.
    Enjoyed the post here! Very informative. I will post it on my blog as well. Thank you !!!

  2. Terry, your behaving rudely. I have no choice but to put a hex upon you.

    I call upon the Goddess of Dark
    To bring chaos upon the heart
    Of Terry Burton, the poster above
    Make this sinner undeserving of
    Love, happiness, and smiles
    Fill his life with all things vile!

  3. By the way, Terry, did ever get around to emailing me back regarding my salvation?

  4. sorry, I won't bite on this!

    It came from a atheist. Can't be trusted. Psalm 14:1 applies!!!

    Nice try! :)

    Church of England is not more authoriative than the Bible.


  5. I sent you the Email, no reply from you. I figured it was another 'Trick' from a witch.

    Did you get my Email ???

    Have a blessed Day anyway!
    Jesus Loves You!

    BTW... watch the video 'Hells Best Kept Secret' to get the straight scoop on getting saved. Seriously!

  6. Kaitlyn,

    Talking abou the topic "Too damned hot". I won't take it for fact as it claims the Church of England is better authority than the Holy Bible.

    See my blog on "Reality of Hell" for more help. Ok? Ciao!!!

  7. I just got an email confirmation that you got my email. Nothing else. I just emailed back to you.

    You may not believe in my magic hexes, but when something bad happens today, think back to me, OK?

  8. Kaitlyn,

    the hex fell off, how do you glue this thing back on? eh? lol

    In His Love,
    Terry Burton

    Praying for you every day Sister!
    May the Good Lord bless you when you read His Holy Word !!!

  9. Terry, you're right. You have some strange and powerful aura around you. My psychic energy cannot penetrate it so easily.

    Where does your power come from? I want some of it!

  10. Kaitlyn,

    Did you forget what I told you the other night? I've dealth with witches before! My first date was with a white witch.

    She's a Christian now, good wife, and good mother to a great guy!

    The Good Lord has sent you to me!
    Praying for you every day Sis!
    He's Knocking at the door, let Jesus Christ into your heart. Ok?

    Love Ya!

    Terry Burton

  11. Stop it with your prayers! They are hurting the bond between the source of my powers! My spells grow weaker when you pray for me. I don't know how, but you have some powerful forces behind you, Terry!

  12. Just sent you a email with Tony's information. IF you are serious, then contact him by email, or go to his blog.

    The hyperlink is on Ray's blog.
    The Lawman Tony Miano. No games please! TGIF!!!

    Thank God its Friday!
    Right "A"s? :)

  13. See folks? Terry's found his meds again.

    Like I suggested, no hint of remorse, no apology, nothing.

    Anyone else feeling silly for feeling sorry for him? I vote for going back to pocking him with pointy sticks.

  14. @stew
    I'm not sure, it's the meds. Didn't they take a bit longer until they work? Maybe he just had a good night sleep and is a little more balanced at the moment.
    Please don't poke him too hard, it might start all over again.
    (I mean, he likes this stupid post. He can't be sane...)


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