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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Personality Types

I'm curious to know what type of people we attract to the Raytractors, and even more curious to know what type of people Ray attracts. So:


At this site you will find the "Jung Typology Test", which works out your personality type based on answers to a set of questions. This was brought up elsewhere, and we found that we have a surprising number of INTJ's, or "Rational Masterminds" (clicking the type description by D.Keirsey link after completing the test will give you this secondary type name).

So, whether you're an atheist, theist or especially if you're a fundamentalist (and assuming you're willing to tell what type you are, and have the time to take the test), let's find out what sort of people we are, and make comparisons.

For the record, I'm an INTJ: (89% introvert, 50% intuitive, 25% thinking, 11% Judging).


  1. I did this test a while ago. I'm an INTP.

    I'm willing to bet that most of the folks who post here are introverts. I recently found out that I was one, which shocked me because I basically have social skills and don't appear shy. Still, I need to spend a lot of time alone - especially after talking to people all day at my job. I generally shun parties, as I tend to feel very uncomfortable at them (unless there are at least a few good friends where I can talk about real stuff - small talk makes me lose the will to live.)

  2. I'm an ENFJ, 1% Extroverted, 62% Intuitive, 25% Feeling, 22% Judging.

    Yeah.... seriously, 1% Extrovert.

  3. I'm INTJ
    56% Introverted
    38% Intuitive
    38% Thinking
    67% Judging

    I'm not sure what the judging means, but it sounds bad. I'll have to go look it up.

  4. I got ENTJ, 67% Extroverted, 50% Intuitive, 25% Thinking, 22% Judging.

  5. If you read the personality type summaries they sound like horoscopes. It makes me hard to take these things seriously.

    I dad have this administered at work several years ago and I was an INTJ then too.

  6. That should say "it make it hard for me" not it "makes me hard."


  7. INTJ, Introverted 67%, Intuitive 75%, Thinking 62%, Judging 33%. Not surprising I'm an introvert. I'm not uncomfortable around people, I just usually don't talk much mostly because I'm lost in my own little world!!

  8.      The first reference to the test I saw was in the book Type Talk. I am consistently INFP. On the link, it came back Introverted 100%, iNtuitive 50%, Feeling 38%, Perceiving 44%.

    Daddy Stegasaurus:

         According to the books, it is neither good nor bad. It means only that you are more inclined to make decisions than to explore the situation.

  9.      Well, the difference between personality types and horoscopes is that your personality type will fit better than a random type and horoscopes are effectively random. Of course, the profile is little more than a generalized summary of your answers. Incidently, the fact that profiles tend not to change suggests that it measures something real. I cannot speak to how serious that something is.

  10. It rated me as ENFP

    Extraverted 33%
    Intuitive 75%
    Feeling 25%
    Perceiving 78%

  11. For the record:


    Introverted 44
    Intuitive 25
    Thinking 25
    Judging 56


    you said: "I recently found out that I was one, which shocked me because I basically have social skills and don't appear shy. Still, I need to spend a lot of time alone - especially after talking to people all day at my job."

    That is the story of my life....

  12. For the record, the test says INTJ:

    I-100%; INT-75%; TH-50%; J-28%

    In person, generally, you could say that I wouldn't say shit if I had a mouthful.

  13. If you read the personality type summaries they sound like horoscopes.

    That wasn't my experience. After I did the test, I read my results and thought, "Hey! That sounds like me!" I checked out the other ones though, and if they were only a letter off, then they kinda sounded like me. The one that was the exact opposite from me was indeed the exact opposite of my personality.

    Now, when I check out a horoscope, my personality profile does indeed sound like me. However, so do all the rest of them.

  14. Skep,

    I only recently learned about what it means to be an introvert. I thought that I was just weird!

    About a year ago, my wife and I went to a party that was being held by her father's boss. Aside from my in-laws, I didn't know anybody there.

    I was so incredibly uncomfortable. I felt like my skin was crawling, and I actually went into the bathroom and sat in the stall for about twenty minutes because I just couldn't bear to come out. (I had already had a couple of small-talk moments, and I couldn't bear the thought of another.)

    I skipped out on a party today. It's too bad, because my wife told me that everybody was asking about me, wondering why I didn't come.

    Maybe I should try being an asshole - that way, nobody will want me to show up. Good plan, eh?

  15. Lance,

    you said: "...I actually went into the bathroom and sat in the stall for about twenty minutes because I just couldn't bear to come out. "

    Ive done that before, my record is about an hour (I lost track of time reading magazines). I wouldn't recommend that though because I was really embarrassed when someone knocked on the door and asked if I needed help.

    "Maybe I should try being an asshole - that way, nobody will want me to show up. Good plan, eh?"

    lol, might work. Actually I'm scared my dad's family is starting to think that way of me. Basically they're Italian and very extroverted and they think because they are family they own my house and can come over whenever they feel like unannounced. I usually come up with an excuse and hide in my room. Problem is there are only so many times you can say you're sick before people start to ask if you are terminally ill.

  16. I'm an INTP. I did the test some time ago but I remember that I'm a moderate introvert.

    I think Judging means that you like to control your environment and can make decisions quickly.

    Percieving types are adaptable and spontaneous. They take in information but often take their time acting on it.

    The common demominator is that we all seem to be 'N's or 'Intuitives'. Intuitives like to seek meaning.

  17. Just found this on Intuitives and the opposite - Sensates

    'Intuitives will question the meaning of things, whereas Sensates tend to take words at their face value'.

  18. What an ungodly thing to do, measure humanity - we were all made in his image...

    In which case he is an INTJ - cos so am I... ;-)

    Introverted 44
    Intuitive 50
    Thinking 25
    Judging 44

  19. I don't have time to take this right this second but I've done it a lot of times before and I always get INFP. The "F" is pretty weak but I guess it still means I FAIL at being a rational thinker, heh!

  20. INTP here-
    Introverted-11%, Intuitive-12%, Thinking-50%, Perceiving-22%

    I guess I'm kind of a mix or something, none of my percentages are very high.

  21. I took this years ago at my then workplace and was bored to death by it. I was an IN-something, I think. Can't be bothered to do it over. Sorry.

  22. I'm INTJ

    Your Type is
    Introverted 78
    Intuitive 44
    Thinking 62
    Judging 1

  23. ooer, can I be a bit different? :P

    67% - Extroverted
    50% - Intuitive
    12% - Thinking
    1% - Judging

    Although I don't think I could really answer yes or no for some questions

  24. I'm an INFJ.
    Figure that one out.

    I have all these feelings... :*(
    We should have a slumber party and talk about them.

  25. I think the Wikipedia article on my personality type is trying to hit on me, guys...

    "INFJs tend to be sensitive, quiet leaders with a great depth of personality. They are intricately and deeply woven, mysterious, and highly complex, sometimes puzzling even to themselves. They have an orderly view toward the world, but are internally arranged in a complex way that only they could understand. Abstract in communicating, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities."

    Oh baby, you're so....complex...and sensitive....and mysterious...also, boobs.

  26. INTJ here

    56% Introverted

    38% Intuitive

    88% Thinking

    33% Judging

    Must crawl back into my dungeon now to contemplate.

  27. I did this a couple of months ago and was totally different... now I'm an ESTJ

    Extrovert 11%, Sensing 1%, Thinking 25%, Judging 1%.

    Makes me think I don't have much personality. Also, I think I'm an introvert who likes to perform, because I don't mind being up in front of crowds but will spend every night at home alone... but I'm also not averse to talking to people so whut up with this test?

  28. INTP here.

    Lance - your first post sums me up pretty well; perfectly able to be sociable, but like time on my own and hate small talk.

  29. Mine first result said I'm an asshole and should leave the rest of humanity alone, I took it again and I'm an IITP

    Introverted 22%
    Intuitive 62%
    Thinking 25%
    Perceiving 44%

  30. Cronies,
    I think I started this down on the Lurker's Have Post.

    I am INTJ- My wife didn't take the test until a couple years ago but I was able to predict exactly what her profile would be, and as I mentioned, she is as extro as I am intro.

    Intos like me are sometimes considered shy or aloof, but mostly, we can't stand small talk. It drives me nuts- the people that talk about their stuff all the time rather than ideas.

    I've never actually "joined " any club or organization, not even a frat in college.

    But when we are in a quiet observation mode at a social event, we know that we aren't joining in but know we can, but we don't want to.

    That can sometimes be misconstrued with "Avoidant Personality Disorder."

    Where Introverts chose not to socialize People like this have a fear of being judged negatively by others and suffer a high degree of discomfort in social situations and suffer from low self esteem.

    They want nothing more than to join in, but they become almost paralyzed with fear of being judged.
    Introverts basically don't give a shit if they are liked or not.

    Actually, there are quite a few times when my wife or kids will drag me out to some social event I actually do have fun.

    The only downside of being quite introverted is when one does not know it- like some have said- and feel like there is something wrong with them.

    Once we know, it can become an important and satisfying part of the "self."

    I do have a little secret I employ at times and I can tell you a couple stiff drinks usually manages to grease the social skids for me and enables me to not only endure the small talk, but even join in! hehe

  31. Dale,

    "It drives me nuts- the people that talk about their stuff all the time rather than ideas."

    Yes!!!! I totally get this.

  32. I'm another INTJ. But I was quite surprised that I ended up being 75 % intuitive and only 1 % thinking.

  33. Tillia,
    We need all the types!

    In one organization I worked with we did an exercise where all the managers took the Briggs-Myers test.
    This was done by a psychologist.

    Then she broke down the sixteen types to four main categories and instead of the letters, she used the designations, Lions, Cheetahs, Otters, and Golden retrievers- you can see it coming.

    She then put five of all the same type at individual tables spaced far apart and gave us a problem to work out.

    Of course the Lions were all serious and masterinding and working to get their points across in hushed tones.

    The Cheetahs were hurrying along in a rather boistrous argumentative manner.

    The Otters were laughing and playing and joking with each other.

    The Golden retrievers were saying, "Hey, whatever you want to do, I'm in."

    It was hilarious to watch a whole table of the same type struggling to find a leader, organizer, planner, etc. Basically, it couldn't be done effectively.

    We struggled with that for about a half hour and then she split us into evenly distributed personalities at each table and the stress level was gone as each person fell into the roll they were comfortable with.

    A very poignant lesson in management, especially where it comes to hiring people that will fit well/ compliment the present structure.

  34. Those extroverts think they are soooo smart and funny. They also make up the majority of psycopaths, by the way.

  35. Yesterday I was ISTJ
    Today I am ISFJ
    5 years ago I was an OTTER

    I think I'm the only S here. Told you dale, I stand alone.

  36. I'm an ENTP. Borderline EN and strong TP.

    But I tend to move between E and I - I need people around, to fill up the emotional tank, and then need to get away from them all.


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