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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ray and His Minions in Church this Morning


  1. LOL.

    IIRC, I once asked Ray something like, "For every one of us there are several billion beetles. Are you SURE you know who your imaginary friend loves?"

  2. I love cartoons like this. They force you to study it before the joke becomes apparent.

    That was part of the genius of the Far Side too...

  3. I always like to think that if Jesus would have been put to death under lethal injection laws, the xtains would be wearing gold and silver hypodermic needles around their necks.
    Just sayin.....

  4. That's good. I wonder how many "Messiahs" died in less memorable ways before they found Jesus. For example:

    Binyamin was a great teacher, but slipped on the bath steps and cracked his skull while naked.

    Chesed was a great prophet, but he choked on a ham sandwich.

    Deror incited the masses to rebel against the money changers at the temple, but was inadvertently trampled in the rush to stone them.

    And of course, Onan who died of a heart attack after spilling his seed on the carpet at a whorehouse.

    The difference between a martyr and a casualty is mostly the means of death. Had he died in any of the ways listed above or just withered away in prison, we'd have never heard of Jesus.

  5. Well, during the scandal on Mel Gibson's movie on the passion I read that the passion was added to the bible in order to incite hate for the Jews. I wonder if that was so, and how you would hate the Jews, when JC was supposed to be a Jew as well, but that is beyond me. Of course, what people do, does not always make sense, right?

    So, maybe the crucifixion was there, but with no tormenting and all that part.

    Do you guys know anything about these details? Is "the passion" one part, and the crucifixion and resuscitation another?


  6. Daddy Stegosaurus,
    You said...
    "That's good. I wonder how many "Messiahs" died in less memorable ways before they found Jesus. For example:...."

    Sheer genius! So well said!

  7. GE,

    Good questions.
    I have remnant memories about those passages but I can't go by just memory.

    This is a subject that has been addressed and when I get my other laptop back I should be able to find some references to this in my journal.

    The new testamennt was definitely hacked into and changed over time due to the fact that some of the writers felt that the people deserved a better message than that offered by the Jew/ Roman course at the time.


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