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Friday, September 19, 2008

A Challenge for the Christian

Okay. What is the purpose for God's existence? I don’t mean, what does God do while he is here-- creating life, planting evidence contrary to the creation myth, etc. I mean, Why is God here--what’s his purpose?


  1. "Why is God here--what’s his purpose?"


    God is not on the earth now in the flesh. That was 2000 years ago with Jesus Christ.

    Don't you understand He is in heaven on his white throne, and everywhere at the same time!

    Prayin for ya Honey!

  2. Wowsers!

    I see all the hate articles against Ray Comfort.

    Isn't this a Hate site>? Its against the terms of usage for blogspot. For Shame! For Shame!!!

  3. Dude, I've been looking at this site for about 10 minutes and it doesn't like a "hate site"
    The purpose of God is totally in the heads of the people who believe in Him.

  4. the hate is towards Ray Comfort.

    Are you blind? the entire theme is to persecute one Man.

    Ray Comfort.

  5. Adam, Discomforting Ignorance, all others: please do not respond. "sweet thng" is "usa" (they share the same profile image).

    Read this thread to see why I urge this course of action. Thank you in advance.

  6. "The Raytractors" implies that the atheists will run over Ray with
    a farm tractor.

    You know, plow him under! That classifies as a 'hate' site.

  7. Quasar,

    Your that little boy from Sydney.

    Go see your Mom, and talk to her about your Warnings.

  8. Quasar,

    Save me Quasar from the big USA man !!! whoaa is me.

    A Real Man wants me! Not someone who is Down Under the world.

    help Quasar! you little prcik.

  9. Sweet THNG,

    you leave my man alone! I love him very much and he has just enough to satisfy me.

    Understand? Back OFF! He's my Man.

  10. Kaitlyn,

    Its a Free country! Try acting like an atheist again. We all know you believe in God and satan, but why not be more deceitful and enjoy a man's company instead!

    We all know your in bed with Weemaryanne, and Iruk.

  11. Now the USA, Sweet Thng dude is called "whateverman"!

  12. See the names on the side? Hover over them and you'll see the blogger number.
    the real Whateverman's is 14458601080799278850

    The fake is

    The fake is Terry (man with a badge, usa, sweet thng and others)

  13. I've been imposterized! But by whom?

  14. I think my spell on Terry may have backfired. >_<

  15. Well, Kaitlyn, you've done it now! :p

  16. 09130668015379989408 posted this on Ray's blog under Whateverman's name:


    I must admit that I am a muslim, with a muslim background. I voice atheism from time to time, but I know Allah.

    I hope you will accept me, as my religion is the only true religion.
    I will not allow another!

    Why>? Because we said so, and there should be no more questions.
    Silence your opinions .. Americans!

    If someone says something strange, check their profile number. I can not stress this enough.

  17. Maybe I'll just act weird to confuse everyone.

    I like this question even more than the one I was going to write, which is, what would a Christian say the purpose of human existence is? Why does God bother putting people through suffering, strife, and "sin" just so they can get carted off to eternity after a handful of years?

  18. I mean, consider Nirvana on the other hand. It's the point of human existence, and once you've got it, you know what the real point of existence is!

    The only way it could be better is if it were actually true, you know?

  19. ""The Raytractors" implies that the atheists will run over Ray with
    a farm tractor."

    I'm sorry, but I lol'd.

  20. It's obvious Terry's done some spoofing of me, but there may be more than one of them.

    And, if I think about it, I guess I'm flattered. It looked like Terry (at least in the beginning) chose people who tried to discuss civilly; this, despite that a lot of what he's said deserves to be insulted.

    Quite honestly, I don't care. Anyone who claims I've been saying wacky stuff should indeed point to my quote, and I'll happily set the record straight.

    If anything, this whole episode has shown him to be remarkably unfunny. The Fake Terry's profile was hilarious, and the dry satire of his posts were spot-on.


    I've listed myself as a cautious deist before; I maintain that I'm not going to talk to people about God unless asked, mostly because my belief is hypothetical at best. However, I'll take a stab at this question, just for the heck of it.

    Assuming our creator deity exists, I'd guess that part of his purpose might be to create and guide life forms capable of evolving far past where they started. He's an experimenter.

    I liken it to having the ability to create self-aware AI. If I could do this, I would guage "success" by my creation's ability to understand itself, get into trouble, solve its own problems - and possibly eventually create its own life forms.

    Am I confident of this viewpoint? Not hardly - I'd never suggest it as a viable way of guessing our purpose here, nor of the purpose of a creator being. It does make a certain kind of logical sense, though, which is why I like it. For now...

  21. The purpose of god's existence?
    I would say he has no "purpose".He pretty much does whatever he likes.If you're asking for the explaination of his existence I would say he is a necessary being.


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