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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is us ....

©Richard Gunther with acknowledgements to Atheist Central -- Ray Comfort's Blog

Mwah! Ha! Ha! Who's the smoker? Why don't you shave? What's the book?

Can you identify anybody, or yourself in this pic?


  1. And who's the woman with the blond hair and why doesn't she wear something hotter?

  2. Ray's Comfort wouldn't know what logic was if it jumped up and bit him in the ass.

  3. Also, this cartoon fails because no one 'sent' him anything. It was an avatar on a profile, not 'sent' to him.

    Ray Comfort-- Lying for Christ since roughly 1974.

  4. I haven't shaved since Saturday, & can I have my copy of "On the Origin of Species" back now please?

  5. I'm surprised the cartoon chicks top part of half of her right breast wasn't showing.


  6. This cartoonist is a complete asshole.


  7. That's me on the left - but I only dress in drag on the weekends.

  8. I'm doing the Rocky Horror Picture Show this Friday, but I don't play a transvestite... maybe I can be transhumanist and pretend to be the computer?

  9. I compiled a collage from illustrations on AC that depict atheists and non-believers. At least they're consistent in how they present us, I'll have to add this new one in.

    Richard Gunther collage project 2008

  10. It reminds me of the old caricatures you'd see of Jews and blacks. The ones that make them look evil and definitely not like "us". Because Ray has to have an "us", he has to have an enemy. How else would he be able to make 120K a year?

  11. That cartoon can not be of any of the atheist harlots from here - they aren't topless. BTW, when is the next orgy?

  12. Nafa: after the Babycque, of course. Sodomy is only fun on full stomach.

  13. Wow, henwli, we atheists sure love to wear fugly green shirts and dresses, eh?

  14. Wow, henwli, we atheists sure love to wear fugly green shirts and dresses, eh?

    Apparently, most of you are shemales as well...

    I think the guy on the right is pre-op...

  15. I would love to have something super cool to comment about this, but, actually I'm just really confused.

    Granted I haven't been following Ray's blog (or this one) for very long, but, I'm sorry isn't pride one of the worst sins in the Bible? But denigrating (and honestly infuriatingly frustrating) caricatures like this positively reek of self-righteousness.

    I don't understand...

  16. caricatures like this positively reek of self-righteousness.

    I don't understand...

    It would appear, from your description, that you understand perfectly :)

  17. Richard Gunther proves once again that he's a third rate cartoonist.

    I'm tempted to draw a parody, with all three drawn well, looking intelligent and sophisticated, and change the words to something like...

    "We obviously can't influence Ray with logical arguments..."
    "Or any of his nutjob sheeples. And now he's trying to attack a fully clothed woman for 'immodesty'..."
    "Screw that! I'm going to photoshop the banana and slip it past the censors!"

    I'd have to replace the guy on the right for an attractive woman, though.

    Hmmm... I'm sure there's a better option: that sucked. Tell you what: I'll draw the parody if anyone can come up with a better script. I need something to do anyway.

  18. The one in the middle looks like me when I'm composing doggerel.

    Except for the cigarette (nasty habit, never tried it).

    Oh, and except for the five o'clock shadow.

    Oh, and I rarely wear blue. (Not my colour.)

    Actually, never mind. It doesn't look much like me at all.

  19. OK, I've considered it a little more: we put the two imgaes together, one above the other, with Headings above each: "Ray's Mind" and "What really happened"

    And if I'm changing one character, I might as well change them all! Which Raytractor should take the place of each of Gunthers characters/caricatures? Nonmagic obviously needs to be one of them (I'll try to do you justice, NM!)... who else?

  20. I could see each being me at different times. '

    The guy on the right is me greedily clinging to the latest issue of Skeptic Magazine that just came in. The man in the middle is me enjoying the occasional cigar as I'm lambasting some creationist online, and the woman on the left is me on a Saturday night, Hee, Hee, Hee!!

    Word is Bond!
    ~Atomic Chimp

  21. Me. And the upper portion of half of my right breast.

  22. I haven't read all the comments because I'm late to this discussion, so forgive me if something like this has been said before.

    Why are we at some crusty wooden picnic table and not at Hooters or a strip joint???? Damn we suck. Also why does Ray think we all live together or in the same area??

  23. We all got together at the last Evil Atheist Conspiricy meeting in Oxford, UK, remember?

    That's when this cartoon was taken. Which means there's a spy in our organisation!

    Find the traitor! KILL!

  24. Ah yes, the meeting! That's why some of us looked jet lagged.

    OK so who's the mole? Fess up!!


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