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Sunday, September 28, 2008

He's calling for a strike, isn't he?

Honestly, is he expecting us to jump at this idiocy?
Why should anybody be interested in details about Kirk's kissing policy? Kirk must really be an extremely bad actor if he needs to get famous this way...
If Ray absolutely wants a discussion about Hollywood values, why can't he say so straight away?

Sunday, September 28, 2008
"Fireproof" and the Kiss

"Ray, "Fireproof" was a great movie. I was curious--Fireproof was a great movie. I was curious, however, as I know Kirk is married to another woman, was that really him kissing that girl at the end of the movie?"

That "girl" was his wife (Chelsea) who was flown in for the kiss:

When it comes to smooching, Kirk Cameron only has lips for his wife.


Kirk Cameron: I Only Kiss My Wife ... Even on Screen. Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The former star of the TV sitcom "Growing Pains" refused to kiss the actress who played his wife in his new movie "Fireproof," he told the "Today" show on Monday.

“I have a commitment not to kiss any other woman,” he told the morning show. So his real wife, actress Chelsea Noble, was the body double for the onscreen kiss.

"So when I’m kissing my wife, we’re actually husband and wife honoring marriage behind the scenes,” Cameron told "Today."

The former child star became an evangelical Christian at 17 and is involved in The Way of the Master ministries.


  1. I would say that means that Cameron isn't much of an actor, but I fear it would be redundant. I've ben waiting for Comfort to mention Paul Newman's death.

  2. Yeah, 'cos if the late great Newman gave all his salad dressing profits to charity but didn't believe in Ray's imaginary friend then he's being roasted even as we speak.

    And preachers wonder why they're despised.

  3. If hell was real, I'd rather be there with Paul Newman, not to mention all the rest, than in heaven with Ray Comfort.

  4. Meh - I don't think you can reliably put any spin on it until they suggest one themselves. It could be an advert for the movie, a demonstration of evnagelical christian moral superiority, a critique of hollywood - or a completely random "Ray's asked me to start posting for him, so let's see if I can stir up some righteous trouble..."

  5. I can imagine how appealling this must make him to directors.

    So who would double for him when he stars in Brokeback Mountain II?

  6. Less people will see this than Expelled. It's crackers for the choir.

    Using biblical wisdom to save a marriage is about as wise as using biblical wisdom for doing anything else in life- absurd.

  7. In my area, the distribution of Fireproof is rather sparse. I was at a twenty screen cinema yesterday and noticed that it was not on their list of films that were showing. However, I did get to see Choke, which I thought did a decent job of promoting skepticism.

  8. "stew said...

    So who would double for him when he stars in Brokeback Mountain II?"
    Oh now that's too easy. You may have hard of this guy, his name is Ray Comfort.

  9. "Kirk Cameron: I'll never, in my life, play a character married to a black woman." I mean he can't can he, long as he's got this rule. And is such a rule even necessary? I mean doesn't Kirk know he's already committed adultery in his heart, and that his conversion didn't nullify his guilt but only his punishment?

    Better yet, why is it these people never seem to ask these questions of their beliefs themselves, leaving the job to us infidels so they can dismiss such reasoning as tools of satan?

  10. "Kirk Cameron: I'll never, in my life, play a character married to a black woman."


    The whole notion is completely retarded (Church of No Suprises). If you're going to take it to the extent Kirk has, why bother acting at all? If you insist on looking at acting in such a way, then surely what Kirk does for a living is tell lies? He's not really a firefighter with a troubled marriage, so that's a lie. Opps. Broken the 10 Commmandments there, Kirk.

    Don't you wish such people would just grow up a bit?

  11. Bad actor finds way to promote bad movie. Simple as that.

  12. Meh, it's Ray's blog. I wouldn't say there is anything ideologically bad about this post. It's just dumb. So is Kirk, who apparently forgets just what acting is like. If kissing between two actors is so bad in the first place, then WHY DID THE BAPTISTS WRITE IT IN THE SCRIPT IN THE FIRST PLACE?

  13. I thought I had seen it all, until that post at Ray's blog.

    Has Ray gone off the deep end?

    Every since that pic of him with a penis, he has posted some NUTTY posts. What about Kirk kissing his stage wife in Left Behind II ?

    They will do anything for publicity to get more money! Its ALL for the money.

  14. Its looks like "Fireproof" is NOT 'burning' at the theaters!

    I guess it is FIRE PROOF. Bad joke! I know. :)

  15. "Kirk Cameron: I'll never, in my life, play a character married to a black woman."

    Racist? Sures sounds that way.

    Its a good thing he is not in politics, he would have knifed
    his political career to death!

    I'm seeing a side of him that is appalling, and disgusting.

  16. dale said: Using biblical wisdom to save a marriage is about as wise as using biblical wisdom for doing anything else in life- absurd.

    Did you see any of the comments over at the Trailer link for his movie? Someone posted it a few days ago - even some of the Christians there thought it looked like drek.

    I've been reading through comments for such movies, and it's become apparent to me that most of the people who enjoy this stuff are not going to the movie for the same reason as I would.

    I'd go to be entertained, educated, or stimulated somehow (don't go there). A lot of the comments revealed people who will enjoy anything which reinforces their point of view; the acting, script and special effects aren't important.

    I read one comment from a 45 year old man who felt the first Left Behind movie "did not mention the word 'Jesus' enough"...

    Seriously, some of these people aren't actually watching what's happening in front of their faces - and I suspect this is true whether we're talking pop culture, politics, the economy...

    They've got their Biblical filters on, and the only stuff that gets through must be tagged with "Jesus", "God", etc.

    I suspect Ray and Kirk of the same kinds of behavior

  17. "Kirk Cameron: I'll never, in my life, play a character married to a black woman."

    Where did this quote come from?

  18. That's a damned good question Milo...

  19. Um, to clarify its not a quote, more of an inference of a hypothetical headline and the natural extent of what Kirk's doing. If he can only kiss his wife as a body double, well she cant very well play a black, hispanic, asian, etc. But to explicitly state as much and what that means in the context of the significance he puts on it... I mean its the kind of thing he'd probably never actually say, but thats sort of what he's saying. I'm not tryin to argue he's racist, just that he's silly for putting such importance on such a trivial thing.

  20. PUPNS said: Its looks like "Fireproof" is NOT 'burning' at the theaters!

    Sorry for the abbreviation - your new name is simply too long :)

    Anyone who watches the trailer is going to see that this movie might be considered propaganda. I'm not suggesting that Biblical values can't save a marriage; I don't know for sure either way.

    It looks like Christians are the intended movie audience to anyone that investigates it even a little bit. Most people don't want to pay $9 to have their entertainment attempt to convert them.

    Christians can probably expect it to show up on EWTN (or any other religious network) a few months after it's released, so why would they pay for it in the theaters?

    The movie's appeal was limited long before actors ever got involved (imho).

  21. Ray will be offering the DVD of the movie within a month, two at the most.

  22. I am not posting there for a month at least.

    There, now I cannot post there for as month. What day is it? Sept 28th, so not until after Oct 29th. If and only if I feel like posting there again at all.

    Maybe we can battle from here. I have no idea. The new fundies repeat the things the old fundies used to say, so we start all over. Maybe we should even have good answers ready and post them here when adequate, and add a counter for each time we use the answer.

    Just thinking aloud.


  23. GE, the easiest thing to do after your month would be to return with a triumphant proclaimation of Samhain and a Happy Hallowe'en! Just to freak out the Fundies, of course.

  24. GE: as a show of support, I'm going to join you on this boycott, starting at the time I finish this post.

    I quit for almost a week, but it wasn't enough; Ray's blog is too stupid for me to be spending a decent-sized chunk of my free time there.


  25. I'm finding it easier to not post on his blog now. I don't know whether it's because the posts have lost substance (not sure if that's a good word for it) or if it's because I'm genuinely tired of trying to refute the same points over and over again.

  26. I'm curious, since someone brought up the Left Behind movies, is there anywhere to watch one of them for free? It'd totally satisfy my masochistic side to torture myself by sitting through a hour and a half of bad acting and an even worse plot.

  27. Cameron isn't much of an actor. If my house were burning and he showed up in firefighter gear, I'd give everything up for lost.

  28. I suspect those movies must be available somewhere - youtube, maybe on one of the christian-funded tv stations.

    I'm very curious myself, actuall. I'll look around to see if I can find one...

  29. Stew asked-

    "So who would double for him when he stars in Brokeback Mountain II?"

    Uh, nonmagic's avatar?

  30. Another thing... isn't this type of film choice like playing a stripper but refusing to do nudity?

  31. Kirk Cameron: I Only Kiss My Wife ... Even on Screen.
    Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    In a related story, all of Hollywood's actresses proclaim prayers DO get answered!


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