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Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's a good thing I still had that tab open, isn't it?

Hey Ray, you seem to have misplaced this....


  1. lawl, it's a site I'm reading for a school project.

    A feral child is one that was raised without human interaction(either in the wild, through abandonment, extreme neglect, etc) and therefore do not possess things like speech - because speech is a socially learned construct.

    It's actually very interesting.

  2. Reaching out to a lost VerafiedDung. Does your computer hiss at you when you go there?

  3. I know. :)

    Thank you, maragon. That was a good screenshot.

  4. " nonmagic said...

    Reaching out to a lost VerafiedDung. Does your computer hiss at you when you go there?"

    I'm waiting for her to reply to an article she posted that I kicked the shit out of last night.

  5. Damn, seriously Maragon, you wiped the floor with her when pointed out the errors in that article. Good work.

  6. Margon,

    Where did veraslug post her article? I'd love to see you take the rhetorical blowtorch to her.

    BTW, what was going on in that deleted thread that got Raymond so defensive that he had to give it the Stalin treatment? Too much rationality?

  7. Sorry, typing too fast, dropped a vowel in Maragon's name.

  8. Okay. Ray deleted one of his own posts again, is that it? The "Further to a Challenge to the Atheist" post. As the great Don King would say "only in America" could such a loser as Ray Comfort make a six figure salary.

    Kinda on the subject of feral children; a fine short story by Karen Russell titled "St. Lucy's Home for Children Raised by Wolves".

  9. I was following the comment thread and all of a sudden, it's gone! Wow! Did we say something that made Ray think? I wish I had saved my comment. It was short and sweet, but I put a lot of thought into it. I looked for it in the cache, but it was already gone.

  10. According to Ray, this post mysteriously disappeared. He had to reconstruct it from memory. Ray should have saved himself some trouble and come here first!


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