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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Censorship is alive and well at "Atheist Central".

Ray, replying to a comment by "Christ Follower" on the "Welcome to the Real World" thread, writes:

CF...your comments will not be posted in future until you change your name. Thanks.

In case you're wondering, here's the comment from CF that drew Ray's ire:

I was a bible-believing Christian for years. It wasn't until I started thinking and actually checking its claims that the scales fell off my eyes. I desperately tried to believe, it would have been much easier if I did, but no amount of wishing would change the fact that Christianity is just NOT TRUE.

Well, now, isn't that interesting. This comment doesn't violate Ray's ridiculous "rules" in any way, and something tells me that someone called "Christ Follower" that was on Ray's side would be encouraged to post all they wanted.

So why can't CF post anymore? This follow-up question from "Rob Penn" (a question to which CF is now unable to respond) holds the answer:

Just a question, CF.

Why do you call yourself Christ Follower if you do not believe that Christianity is true?

CF has some of the more reasonable theists asking questions. It's only a matter of time before they start thinking for themselves, and that's the bane of any religion, especially Ray-Comfortism.


  1. Meh - it was a crappy thing to do, but it's Ray's blog. To-date I've been surprised at how much he avoids censorship.

    I don't mean to appear to support the decision. It's just that we all know he's a dishonest fundamental; this behavior doesn't really surprise or irk me too much

  2. I suppose if CF were "Buddha Follower" or "Dalai Lama Follower" then Ray would block that, too. So he's not entirely unfair in his censorship.

    Except for being, you know, a censor.

    And in answer to Rob Penn's question, I will venture to guess that CF is obliquely making the point that many current Christians aren't really very good at following the example of Christ.

  3. Many of us have been on the internet for years and have made many friends and acquaintances. We have reputations and our screen name is how people identify us. If I had chosen Christ Follower as my screen name for years I would seriously consider keeping it even after deconverting, because that's how people know me.

    That said, I have no idea if that is the reason Christ Follower keeps his name, but I understand that Ray doesn't want people to be confused by the name. My question is, what if a Latino atheist named Jesus starts posting on his blog, will he ask him to change his name too?

  4. To-date I've been surprised at how much he avoids censorship.

    I think you are underestimating two things:

    A. The pleasure Ray derives from feeling "persecuted" for his beliefs

    B. The need to keep people coming back, as he seems to crave attention and it no doubt adds to his bank balance.

  5. Guys dont you see its a bit obvious that CF chose that name deliberately to blasphem. He is just seeking attention and I dont think it came as a shock to him to be told to change his name. That is what he wanted and was expecting it, hes probably shocked it took that long!

  6. Or, perhaps, he Followed the trail of Christ and realized that it's not what they claim it is.

    But he's still following Christ. Just not believing him any more.

  7. Because its BLASPHEMY you godless bastards!


  8. From his profile:

    "Christ Follower (No Longer)

    * Gender: Male
    * Occupation: --------
    * Location: United States

    About Me

    I was a Christian with the internet handle "Christ Follower". Then I opened my eyes to reality."


  9. I have now changed my display name to Christ Follower. I am not atheist. I wonder what Ray will do.

    BTW, I think anyone can temporarily change their display name to Christ Follower.

  10. part of me wants to set up a place where we can (covertly) plan to all have the same name, all post the same phrase, or in the style of a person, or do something similar.

  11. Mike:

         We can rule out your conjecture, actually. He has only had the screen name for about a month. I make no pretense of knowing why he chose the handle. We can simply rule out having kept a handle he had had for years.

  12. Pvblivs,

    While his blogger screen name may be only a month old, we can't rule out the possibility that CF used the nick on other boards.

  13. A google search would possibly turn something up, but so far I've found nothing.

  14. Yeah, but Ray allows a Christian to be "Atheists know everything". How mature of him.


  15. Tripmaster Monkey:

    Sweet profile pic. I read Son Wukong for a civ. class, and that was one of the pictures in my book I think.



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