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Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is the best post ever. God has revealed this to me in a way that I can be certain....

So, Circular Sye is back. He's popped up again at Ray's blog - and quite unsurprisingly, he's still spewing his same, tired, often shot down breed of pre-supposistionalism.

If anyone sees him posting his usual rhetoric over there, I invite you to borrow this proof from Stephen Law(whom Sye ran away from earlier this summer).

"In the meantime, I produce a sketch of my own presuppositionalism I have been developing. It goes like this.

My claim: Sye's mind is addled and his thinking unreliable because he was hit on the head by a rock.

Prove this is false Sye.

Try to, and I will say - "But your "proof" presupposes your mind is not addled and you can recognize a proof when you see it. So it fails."

Ask me to prove my claim and I will say: "But prove to me your mind is not addled, then, Sye". Which you won't be able to, for the above reason. I might then add, with a flourish - "So you see, it's proved by the impossibility of the contrary".

And of course I have a good explanation for why your brain is addled - you were hit by a rock.

Is my claim reasonable, then? Of course not. It's bullshit. I really can't see how
your position is any less of a bullshit position. Can you?"

Please cite Mr. Law if you choose to use this.



  1. And to go with Sye is scmike, who sounds like he's been schooled at Sye's feet. If I keep reading their posts I'll need a new desk.

  2. I posted a comment at Ray's which he declined to show.

    It was along the lines of :

    Ray, seeing as there's a reasonable chance that your kids won't grow up to believe like you, and hence according to you they'll go to hell, how do you justify bringing people into the world that you'll almost certainly love, with the good chance they'll be tortured forever?

    Seems like he mustn't have a good answer for that.

  3. Well, Ray is nearing 60 years old. His kids are grown and part of the ministry. I assume he has grandchildren, but I don't know anything about them.

  4. On Ray's hurricane post, he removed one of his own comments. Did anyone see it? At 10: 14 AM? I wonder what he wrote? Did he stick his foot so far into his mouth that it came out his ass? Curious.

  5. I'm 90% sure that SCMike is a Sye sockpuppet.

  6. This is the frirst I've encountered the guy. He and the resurgence of SCMike (+ ethan's increasingly irrational posts) are making me think I need to get the fuck away from that freakshow for a while.

  7. You're right about getting away, and staying away. I broke my own recent vow about posting there. And Ray did an excellent job of baiting with the original Sick World post; 258 comments at last count.But it's so hard to resist. You read posts like this...

    Jinx McHue said...

    Question for the atheists: why should I believe in hurricanes? I live in Minnesota and have never experienced a hurricane. I see computerized satellite images and (supposedly) live footage, but who says those aren't faked? Can you prove to me they aren't faked? Such things are faked all the time for movies. What proof - 100% absolute, undeniable proof - can you give me that hurricanes are real? If you can't, then there's no reason for me to believe in hurricanes and fear the damage and death they can cause.
    September 13, 2008 11:08 AM

    and your head explodes. And he's serious. And oh no, after Dimensio has repeatedly called on Terry Burton to substantiate his claim that Darwin smoked hash on board the Beagle, TB makes the claim again.

    And the censors let this one through; mjarsulic referred to storeytwin a as storytwat. How did that get through?

    And this beauty from the psycho fuck wad:

    keywesthaven1@msn.com (Terry) said...

    "The Ray Distractors"

    Christians, Non-atheists

    If you are not already aware of it, we have a bunch of atheist 'terrorists' on this blog that call themselves the Ray Detractors. A gang of internet thugs.

    Their entire focus is to distract you from the posts, discredit the blog master, and all the Christians who comment here.

    These juvenile deliquents go to great pains to distract you from the posts that "Ray makes" on his blog.

    They terrorize all God believing people that comment here. Send hate emails to you, and spread their tasteless sarcasm.

    Most of them do not have complete profiles, as they hide from the truth, and prefer the darkness.

    In the past they have threatened, cursed, and belittled our blog master on 'Atheist Central'.

    This is the "thanks" that Ray gets for allowing them to post?

    Ray truly shows his Christian values and integrity by allowing them to post.

    Honestly Ray, I don't see how you can stand the mindless babblings of the atheists. There is no good in them, they spit in the face of our GOD, and they are corrupt.

    It must be the Love of God that flows thru your soul, and the love you have for your fellow mankind that gives you the strength.

    You truly are a great example of the 'Great Commission' that Jesus gave to His disciples.

    I pray that the Lord will give me the strength and the wisdom to deal with them in my every day life. God Bless You Ray! We love you Brother, and your ministry.

    Please pray for me, and keep me in your prayers brothers & sisters in the Lord.

    Here are those 'Distractors', a list from their blog:

    Atomic Chimp
    Lance Christian Johnson
    Adrian Hayter
    Benjamin Franklin
    captain howdy
    Former Follier
    The Skeptical Sorcerer
    TripMaster Monkey
    MacGyver Jr
    Andrew Louis
    Jill D
    DisComforting Ignorance
    The Celtic Chimp
    Rob Penn

    Praying for you atheists! REPENT!!!

    Isn't he great, folks? Terry Burton is streetsmart; he knows what street he lives on.

  8. And the censors let this one through; mjarsulic referred to storeytwin a as storytwat. How did that get through?

    I've been wanting to try to slip something by the censors for awhile. It's immature, but if anyone deserved it, she did. For some reason, she annoys me more than any theist that posts there. The majority of her posts always include some type of threat. Wonder who is going to tell on me?

  9. BTW, did Terry's post remind you of John Belushi trying to rally the Deltas at the end of Animal House? Without the charm of course.

  10. Yeah, that's TB. You know that Niedermeyer is his hero; except that I'm sure TB prefers to be on the receiving end of the paddle.

  11. You scared Sye off when you mentioned Stephen Law.

    Maybe we can use Stephen's name as Sye repellent?


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