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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Idiocy

It's sad that people follow Ray so blindly. They absorb his arguments and then try to use them without even investigating them. While Ray is very good for atheists (just like the Bible), it's still sad to see people referencing Ray's work when making arguments -- especially when the gem comes from his cartoonist's blog (Wonders of Creation):

...The answer to the question “Is Man an animal?” is not a simple one. The shortest answer is “No” but it takes a while, and some thought to sort out what we mean by “animal”. Obviously, Man is not a plant, or a bacterium. He shares many things with all creatures – he has a backbone so he is classed as a vertebrate, and Man suckles his young so he is classed as a mammal. Female humans have placentas, so Man is classed as a placental mammal. Man also shares some things in common with primates, so he is assumed to be an extension of the primate family.

But Man is much more than an animal. For example, as Ray Comfort found out, a human cannot take an orangutan on to an airliner, because the creature is not classed as a human – despite all that evolutionists say about orangutans being just like humans. The airline’s rules are far more sensible than evolutionists.

It's just sad, is all.


  1. What's wrong with Humans being animals?

    Just because we're animals doesn't mean that we're on the same level as animals.

    That's like saying that we are God's creation, so we are on the same level of coolness and importance to God as dirt. Clearly, we are not.

  2. I was digging around on Ray's cartoonist's site. Dig this:


    "And God will freely take you to the better grass."

    It's from his "Kid's Stories" page:
    http://stories.mightymag.org/ "The Grumpy Old Goat"

    (Note: I don't smoke "grass" but I still LOL'd)


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