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Saturday, September 13, 2008

He gets what?

Well, Ray posted a new blog post that seemed to irk me a bit. He's talking about the Hurricane going through Texas.

Here's an excerpt-

It’s now the morning after the hurricane and those that survived are begging for help. They were warned again and again. How could they have been so stupid--to risk their very lives? Hang on. I get it. Now it makes sense. They didn’t believe in hurricanes. Duh.

At first, I thought the post wasn't so bad... But, the end...It just got to me. This guy is willing to make fun of these people in distress just to 'mock' atheists? That's what I'm getting from this. I mean, sure, these people may not have made the best choice, or maybe they have their reasons- But, I would never go as far as to mock them just to get under the skins of believers.


  1. Ray is SUCH a lizard!

    What kind of asshole actually jeers at the victims of a hurricane?

  2. I was considered commenting in depth on this one but I opted out since he has brought this one up dozens of times before.

    It's seriously like fighting upstream on a river of stupid with Ray.

  3. Oh shit, Joel Olsteen is here.

    Nothing that Ray says or does phases me anymore. Not a single thing.

    I wouldn't have put it past him to mock the dead had this been an incident with tons of causalities. It probably would have come off as how his god was punishing them or something.

  4. NM,
    At first, I thought he was going to go John Hagee on us and say it was an act from God to punish them.

  5. Of course god was punishing them. He created them as sinners and killed them for being exactly how he made them - except for the christians that were killed - he was simply 'calling them home.'

  6. Benjamin - The Sower said...

    Sure you would...

    So your assertion is that R.S. would mock suffering people to disprove belief in God?

    I could see saying that the suffering of innocents is a reason against God, but that's hardly mocking the suffering.

  7. I don't think Ray was jeering at the hurricane victims. I think he was jeering at the Atheists on his blog.

    Having said that, it was a pretty ridiculously uncouth thing to do.


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