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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Raytractors Awards (sponsored by CERN)

I see from the blog archive that this is post number 488; only 12 more to go until we hit 500!

In honour of this most auspicious occasion, I am proposing that we use this thread to hammer out a few awards that can be presented for post 500.

I'm thinking:

  • Best Raytactors Post
  • Favorite Fundie
  • Best Supporting Raniac
  • Irony-Meter's Worst Enemy
  • Best Comeback Line
  • Most Likely to End Up in the Lowest Circle of Hell
  • God/gods/mythical creature Most Likely to Exist
  • Best Quote-Mine
  • Golden Crocoduck for anti-science stupidity (this award is in existence on Youtube, I think)
  • The Judas Iscariot Award for False Convert of the Year
  • Best Poe
  • ....you think of the rest!
If we can agree on maybe 10-12 awards and then nominate 4-6 potential winners, these can be voted on and announced for post 500.


"I'd offer a penny for your thoughts; but they're worth far more than that"
- ExPatMatt's Dad, circa 2001.


  1. I'd like to nominate Ray and Terry Fuckwit as 'Least able to spot an acrostic'...

  2. Best Poe has to go to http://antispore.com, which managed to trick countless thousands of people, and it got onto Richard Dawkins' site and Pharyngula. Great internet rickroll as well!

  3. What about an award for best use of sock-puppet accounts?

    We'll call it "The Golden Marionette."

  4. Oh wow! I saw Antispore before it was revealed... called it as Poe, but that was genius. Well played!

    I would nominate Shiver & John MacArthur as joint recipients for the "Teal Deer" Quantity over Quality award.

  5. What a cool idea! I agree anti spore would be a good best Poe nomination. We have to give Terry an award too.

  6. My favourite post:


    Ranic: sye or terry....

  7. That is a great list of choices for the award, and there are some great candidates nominated.

    This is a great exercise in evaluation.

    I've not been following Ray very closely but I will try to submit a nomination, but in the meantime, this is very funny, yet appropriate in this venue.

  8. I suggest an award called "Spirit of the Raytractors" or perhaps simply "The Platinum Raytractor." It could be a monthly or sorta-regular thing, where we all nominate a post from the specified time period.

    After Jill D, I'm thinking of ace's posts on the finances of Living Waters, or silentdave's "Questions" posts, as exemplifying what we hope to accomplish here, namely, afflicting the Comfortable.

    My Favorite Fundie is Vera.
    The evidence need never fear her!
    She's so well versed in fables
    That facts are unable
    To ever get anywhere near her.

  9. Favorite Fundie: Terry "The Cherry Ter Ter" Burton.

    He's the best!

  10. God/gods/mythical creature Most Likely to Exist:

    Mark W. Laine's Mussolini look-a-like demon that he had a wrasslin' match with. I guess Mark won the fight since he's still around...I wonder if he used the Camel Clutch on him.

  11. One weekend later and we've past the 500 posts mark without any fanfare.

    Ah well, congratulations guys; we're officially the most prolific bloggers on the planet (unofficially).

    I wonder if it has something to do with the atheist mindset not being all about glory, adulation and self-gratification? We're just happy to be us and need no validation from the Bronze Age Jew Zombie with holes in his hands (through which, surely, the whole world would fall?)

    I'm just going to make up a list of winners (and losers) anyway...

  12. @ Expatmatt,

    "...with holes in his hands (through which, surely, the whole world would fall?)"

    That's very poetically inspiring. The world fell through the holes in jesus' hands. Mind if I steal it? I'm somewhat of a poetry geek.

  13. S.S,

    Steal away, my friend - Just don't quote-mine me!

  14. haha! thanks Expatmatt :-)


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