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Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Can't Go Through With It

Rex Mundane has either:

Gone nuts,
Converted to xtianity, or
Is scamming the Rayolators.

I thought this looked like fun so I fell in behind him for a couple comments until this happened:

Freed said...
dale said... Rex Mundane,You wrote,"I hope that you and other Atheists here will come to your senses as well, when you get tired of your dependence on the lies, I have a book I can recommend, contains nothing but honest truth.

"That was a heartwarming comment. I am thinking of joining with you on this; I tire of telling the lies so I can continue in my debaucheries. I mean, I guess heaven might be a pretty nice gig.

Sincerely, dale

Then Freed reponded,
For real Dale??? Honestly?Seriously?

Freed is a 61 y/o woman and she is very kind and well meaning, and I would never want to lie or scam someone like this. It's not the right thing to do inthis case, thus I have abandonded my plan. I just could not lie to this woman, even in jest.


  1. dale,

    geoff tried the same thing and so I came here to see if he was being honest, and of course he wasn't.

    And then, lo and behold, I find your post.

    I'm sure you know I'm disappointed but I'm also proud of you.

    Take care,

  2. Sorry, Freed, the devil made me do it :)


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