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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Atheist Central


Take that, Ray.


  1. Yeah! Go Dave!

    Show that mustached fiend!

    ...who resembles Luigi from the Mario Bros.

  2. Wow. One sentence in your blog has more truth in it then Ray's whole blog!

  3. Heehee, I got Kaitlyn to say damn.

  4. I'm gonna have to become a Raytractor so I can make posts

    Ray just edited his post to add

    (The Hebrew word for "circle" is Khug = sphericity or roundness), Job 26:7

    Khug means circle. Not roundness. Not ball, not sphere. Circle.
    Dug means ball or sphere.

    I looked it up in Strong's Concordance.

  5. jill d is correct about Ray being incorrect.


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