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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Atheist Central


Take that, Ray.


  1. Wow. One sentence in your blog has more truth in it then Ray's whole blog!

  2. r.s.

    Do you have a touch of OCD? It's alright to make typos. We all make them. I get the feeling it really bugs you when your posts are not perfect. Any way I love your comments just the way they are!

  3. You know, I'm beginning to think I am getting a bit touchy on my typing.

    I notice the mistakes a few seconds afterwards.

    I have downloaded a spell check for my browser.

    But thanks... I'll try to let my comments remain natural with errors and all, instead of trying to intelligently design them. :)

  4. Rmembr, as lng as the frst nd lst lettrs r in ordr, the mind compenstes and we cn undstand it vry well.

    Also, if u cn rd ths, u gve gd blowjobs.

    I don't worry about typos much on the blogs, it's content we want, goddamnit! Contents!

  5. "Rmembr, as lng as the frst nd lst lettrs r in ordr, the mind compenstes and we cn undstand it vry well.

    Actually, dale, you merely removed some letters from the words, and didn't jumble up the order. What you exhibited would be closer to a type of shorthand where vowels are dropped off, albeit at random in this case it seems.

    The phenomenon dale is referring to is actually far more impressive that one might initially imagine. Let's try that again, read with me:

    "Rmmeber, as, lgon as the fsirt and lsat lrtetes are in oderr, the mnid canseptmeos and we can unstadnerd it vrey wlel."

    Let's try something else:

    "I am an aaln lngaugae geek wtih way too mcuh tmie on my hnads. Now I wlil peerocd to fuhretr destramonte tihs poomeehnnn by shwoing you taht you can elsiay rigozncee eevn clomepx wrods, scuh as tsohe in the sceetnne "Ray Coromft is a figalaecdunl wiinndgg wojackb"

    The longer and rarer the word, the harder it is to perceive quickly. I got you thinking at least once there... :p

  6. Hen,
    Well stated! I stand corrected.

  7. First result on a Google search.

    Suck it, Ray!


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