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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin's Religious Views (NY Times)

Perhaps lipstick isn't just the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull, but also the difference between Ray Comfort and the next vice president. Let that thought settle in.


Unfortunately, although these views may play a key role in guiding Palin's actions in government, it is taboo to demand that politicians explain their religious beliefs:

Maria Comella, a spokeswoman for the McCain-Palin campaign, said Ms. Palin
had been baptized Roman Catholic as an infant, but declined to comment further.

“We’re not going to get into discussing her religion,” she said.

Thus we're left to wonder whether Palin believes the end of the world is near, whether she's looking forward to seeing Israel pummelled by war to inaugurate the rapture, and other little things.

I propose this as a rule of fair play and good sense: Politicians who won't explain their religious beliefs in detail and answer questions about them should not ever mention religion or god in public discourse. If you say that religion is an important guide and suggest that your adherence to your religion is a qualification for office, then those topics are fair game.


  1. Much agreed. I don't care what people's religious beliefs are until they try to push those beliefs into the government.

    This one was really creepy: ..."(Palin) suggested her work as governor would be hampered 'if the people of Alaska’s heart isn’t right with God.'"

    That's one step away from the ancient people who wanted to sacrifice virgins (or something of that nature) to please the gods and ensure a good year with no natural disasters or whatever they wanted to avoid.

    Regarding Israel being "pummelled" by war:
    Of course she won't try and blow all the people in Israel to smithereens until they have all been converted (at least according to her church). From the article (talking about some Jews for Jebus leader at the church):
    "The speaker, David Brickner, spoke enthusiastically about the 'miracle' of conversions in Israel by the group’s missionaries". So basically they are saying "believe in jesus because you are going to die.....very soon".

  2. I'll be impressed when the same scrutiny that was was given to Obama's church is given to Sarah Palin's chruch. If his background and beliefs are questioned because of some controversial remarks (some of which are arguably true) by Rev. Wright, then we should be digging into her church. I'll be doubly impressed when Faux News mentions it without dismissal as merely some rediculous accusations.

  3. Also didn't Obama disown the racist pastor at his church? Palin and McCain proudly support their wacko pastors.

  4. Good point. On top of that, she actually speaks at the church from her position as governor:

    (part 1)

    (part 2)

  5. She was not even McCain's choice. Her selection was a deal cut with Dobson, Paul Wyrich, Tony Perkins et.al. in exchange for their endorsements.

    McCain is being led around by the nose by the same fundies he decried in 2000. Country first. What a cynical asshole.

    They are successfully cowing the media by crying that she's being attacked while they aren't allowing her to answer any questions about anything.

    The only qualification that matters to the zealots is that she's one too. Damn right it's fair game.

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  7. what do you guys think are the odds of Palin getting co-elected, and of the US ending up with a para-Rayniac president?
    sometimes I think something like this should happen, just to show the world what this would actually mean. Most Europeans still refuse to believe that fundies are not a tiny extremist minority in the US, and have no idea about the content of such beliefs, and what that would look like in practice.
    if only the risk for everybody wasn't so large. I don't like the idea of living in a fallout world, with a wasteland from the Mediterranean coast to India (at least). even the vast suffering of the US population, especially women, of disease, unchecked fertility, hunger and poverty is too much to let happen.


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