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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Democratic Faith

Since Dave stole my entry for Raylianism and Kaitlyn stole my entry for Republican Religion (which you should have a look at), I, being the godless conservative that I am, submit the Democratic Faith: (Odd that I didn't think of it before Republicans.)

Firstly, it qualifies for Ray's definition of religion as it is a cause "pursued with zeal." And luckily mine was already capitalized (as it is, indeed, a religion).

Finally, it has the necessary aspects of the religion:
Pope: B. Hussein Obama (Satan)
Bishops: Bill Maher, John Stewart, Larry Flynt, Bill Clinton
Holy City: San Diego, CA (in the southern gay district)
Creed: Fetusus above people.
Holy book: An Inconvenient Truth
Fellowship: Blue Staters
Faith: People are too incompetent to manage their own lives and money
Agenda: Destroy America
Moral Code: Whatever Osama Bin Laden says
Language: Arabic disguised as English
National Holiday: October 31


  1. Well, there you have it. Anything we persue with "zeal" is from this supposed god guy.

    It is interesting that we don't see doctors, engineers, biologists, etc, persuing their discipline with "Zeal."

    "Zeal" is for lunatic fringe fanatics. They consider "Zeal" to be a substitute for rational thinking. " I am zealous!"

    Fucking A Tweety. They dig their own graves.

  2. The national holiday is not April 15th?


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