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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Set S

(S1) All propositions in Set S, without exception, are true.

(S2) Everyone knows, and is infallible in knowing, that all propositions in Set S, without exception, are true.

(S3) Anyone who professes that they don't know that all propositions in Set S, without exception, are true is an idiot.

(S4) Everyone is morally imperfect, and professing unbelievers in the S-propositions especially so.

(S5) Anyone who does not make a good faith effort to correct moral imperfections on his or her part is an idiot.

(S6) God does not exist.

(S7) No proposition entailed by God's existence is necessarily true, and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

(S8) Silent Dave, and only Silent Dave, may add propositions to Set S, modify propositions on Set S, and remove propositions from Set S.

(S9) If a disagreement arises over the interpretation of an S-proposition, then Silent Dave, and only Silent Dave, shall be the final arbiter of this disagreement, and his decisions shall be binding.

(S10) Confirmation by a cosmically supreme being is unnecessary to have confidence in an S-proposition, or any other proposition.

(S11) Normal epistemological considerations shall not render any S-proposition untrue, nor provide rational ground for nonbelief or professed nonbelief in any S-proposition.

(S12) All Christian evangelicals are idiots.

(S13) All idiots will go to hell, but intelligent people will go to heaven.

(S14) In the event of a conflict between Set S and any other set of propositions, S wins.

(S15) Ray Comfort owes Silent Dave $10,000.00.

To use Set S in your conversations, simply reference the S-proposition you wish to invoke in parentheses. For example:

It doesn't matter if I'm the only one who professes belief in Set S (S11), it's still true.

The Bible says that S1 is wrong? Well, the Bible is wrong (S14).

I fear that Ray Comfort's eternal fate is in serious jeopardy (S12, S13).

Remember, a non-S-er is an idiot (S3) who knows full well that Set S is true, but pretends otherwise (S2).

S15 says that Ray owes me ten thousand dollars. S15 is true (S1). Therefore, Ray owes me ten thousand dollars.

Et cetera.

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