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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beware the Man of One Book.

Of course the title of this post was penned by "Saint" Thomas Aquinas, NoGod rest his uneternal soul, although his remains are the bedfellows of groundhogs an stuff.

I was going to send that to Weemaryann, but decided to make a feeble attempt at composing a post, in which I wanted to tell Wee that I used the phrase she coined here, on a comment over at the shit hole.

Unlike Lance, who stated he was stealing it outright, I liked the conciseness but will paraphrase,
"Science does not look to disprove god, that's just a side effect." As I was thinking about that, my Son walks by and says, "why are you smiling? You never smile." That further cracked me up so I mentioned this phrase to him. He was totally nonplussed and while walking away he's saying, "She should have said, 'Science does not look to disprove god,' that is just an unexpected source of amusement...."

All that, and I circle back to the topic, Beware the man of one book.
If I would just cutloose right now you would see a string of swear words that would please the best of you....but, I shan't. Watching these people base everything they do, while discarding logic and reason, on that one snapshot of the beliefs of bronze age humans, ***doublefacepalm***
Never mind, Peace Out, /d


  1. Even if that one book is, say, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

    'Cause an encyclopedic knowledge of that particular volume might make for a rather interesting fella, IMHO.


    There's nothing inherently wrong in not being widely read. According to some of his biographers, Abraham Lincoln read and re-read his Shakespeare and his Bible, and always seemed refreshed and re-energized by his reading, as if he continued to find new meanings in it. That's not surprising; in fact it's one of the functions of great literature.

    OTOH, few of us are Lincolns. Guys like Dumbfort have little use for most of the classics (and if I had my druthers I'd do all I could to keep him from getting his grubby little paws on them, as they're much too good for him).

  2. Weemaryanne,

    OK, I see what you're sayin.
    But if there were a book that I could give to my kids, and only one book, it would be a book with one page, and on that paget it would say,

    "There is No Free Lunch, and only hard work pays off."


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