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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who are you and what have you done with Terry?

Terry recently wrote:

Christians, IRT: 'Ray Detractors'

I realize this is off subject, but I would like to ASK the Christians on this blog for your help.

I now realize that asking you to flag a blog against Ray like I did earlier was complete nonsense on my part. It was sinful of me to try to restrict FREE speech!! I have repented and so should you !!

I have also repented from saying that Darwin was high on hash!!! That was an unsubstantiated claim that I should not have made!! Jesus was crying over my sinful ways!!

I am glad to see that Ray has embraced EVIL-lution!!! I do so recently myself and I'm praying that you Christians will do the same!!

Praying for ya!!!
Watch HBKS on my blog!!
FREE play!!
It will 'change' your life!!

So, Terry apologized for trying to shut down the Raytractors, retracted his statement about Darwin being high on hash due to the fact that he made an unsubstantiated claim, and has now embraced evolution?

OK, who hacked into Terry's account? I won't be mad, I'm just dying to know what his password was!

Watch HBKS! It'll change your life!!!!


It was an impostor! It wasn't even Terry's account.


  1. It would be funny if Terry turned out to be a Poe.

    Greatest act ever.

  2. It's a sockpuppet - check the profile.

    A HILARIOUS sockpuppet. Whomever it is, I salute you.

  3. Man, Terry Burton is making himself idenical sockpuppets to screw with us now AHHHHHHHHHHH!

  4. How absolutely cunning of someone. Something like this obviously took a great deal of thought and must have been done by someone who has a great deal of animosity towards those that try to censor opposing viewpoints.

  5. Kaitlyn,

    Why, whatever do you mean? I am preparing for Proust and recovering from the flu, I certainly have no time for such...antics....completely deserved and fun as they may be. :)

  6. Nonmagic, you have explained the motives behind this unknown prankster/hero so elegantly.

    Whomever he or she is, they have made a powerful and important message. We can only be so lucky to meet their presence.

  7. Dare I nominate this witty faux Terry for an honorary spot in the Detractors list?

  8. Fake Terry just disagreed with Ray in the torture thread:

    "All living things are children of God, Ray."

    Well crap.

    Real Terry's head just imploded with such force, it created a miniture singularity and would have detroyed the earth if the LHC hadn't cancelled it out with one of its own. Sadly, it was forty two nanoseconds too late to save the immediate area, and Lexington, Kentucky was completely destroyed. The EMP blast caused by the frwak event also deleted all sane posts by Terry Burton from the entire internet, added several "HBKS!"s in random positions to every other post, and duplicated his single post blog hundreds of time, randomly changing it each time.

    All that remains of Terry is a pair of smoking boots and the charred remains of an unknown DVD.

  9. Quasar,

    Getting fake Terry and real Terry together is like antimatter interacting with regular matter.

  10. Oho, this is choice. Well done, NM.

    And LOL at Quasar's comment.


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