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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We're in trouble now...

keywesthaven1@msn.com (Terry) said...

Christians, IRT: 'Ray Detractors'

I realize this is off subject, but I would like to ASK the Christians on this blog for your help.

A group of atheist 'thugs' are persecuting Ray Comfort(raydetractors). The blogspot website is that name. If you look at the website you will see numerous violations / hate crimes towards Ray Comfort.

One post after another. They live to persecute Ray. Its just evil.

I ask you to take the time and report them / flag their blog, or whatever ...in order to bring peace to this situation.

It criminal harassment. Readers, will you help? drop me an email if you need the instructions for reporting this to Google.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

In His Love,
Terry Burton
Retired USN Counselor
September 17, 2008 9:17 AM

Oh, I am so scared. Forget about the fact that Christians love to feel persecuted. What a bunch of whiners. Jesus told them to expect, even embrace, persecution. Bunch of crybabies.


  1. Terry's a retired USN counsellor now?

  2. Terry Burton has been everything. Done everything. Been everywhere. Being in the Navy is the one that I believe. I was in the USMC, and if I had run into Terry Burton, the only thing I would have been counseled to do is go AWOL to get away from the psycho.

  3. Let me be the first to say that Terry Burton is one sick asswipe.

    Can you imagine the infinite load of lunacy his mail-order bride has to put up with?

    His condition does seem to be deteriorating though, and his episodes of delusion, mania, and persecution seem to be advancing into full blown psychosis.

    I can only hope that someone who gives a shit about him restricts his access to guns and other weapons till he can get some help.
    It doesn't look like Jesus is going to do the job.

    He is a sick fucker and he is only getting sicker.

    Get some help, Terry!

  4. When Ray criticizes atheists, he's kindly preaching God's loving word.

    When atheists criticize Ray's message, it's persecution.

  5. When Ray shares his views toward Christianity, he's sharing Christ's love with the world.

    When an atheist shares their views toward Christianity, it's hate speech.

  6. Oops, according to Terry, what we do here is a hate crime, not hate speech.

  7. Kaitlyn,

    Now you're getting it. You didn't think that the fundies were operating on a level playing field now, did you?

    Has anyone seen Terry's latest post where he repents of his claim about Darwin getting "high" on "hash"? He also now seems to believe in evolution; strange times...

  8. Here you go Kaitlyn.


  9. Persecution?
    Some people need to look up the word.


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