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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Torture is Torture, Ray

...but thanks for giving me insight to the mindset that thinks it's more than OK to hold people in prison indefinitely and torture them!

I really don't have any words to add to this. I don't care what sort of euphemistic spin you want to try and pass it off as deserved or "right," the cruel and unusual punishment of human bodies and minds should always be thought of as just one thing: torture.


  1. Hah, Ray's mind is completely impervious to your logic and reasoning, and it will not bend to any evidence.

    It's like his commons sense has been buried under a thousand feet of reinforced concrete.

  2. I really hate Richard Gunther right now. That cartoon was sickening and pathetic.

    Shame we can't post links there, or I'd do a comparison between that cartoon and a Chick Tract or two...

    (off topic) Does anyone else think that Gunther is a lousy cartoonist? I've seen some excellent cartoon artwork, and some awful stuff, and Gunther's is very low quality. Does he draw as a career? I mean, I'm not Ye-Ultimaat-Artiste, but I can draw better than that.

  3. "Hah, Ray's mind is completely impervious to your logic and reasoning, and it will not bend to any evidence."
    This is exactly why I didn't bother to elucidate much. If somebody's going to deny something like basic decency toward other humans there's not a whole lot to be done about that.

    I just had to call out Ray on his bullshit, but there is no way I'm going to do that on his blog.

  4. Here's the old trusty Us-and-Them mentality once again, trotted out to confirm Ray in his biases ("I know I'm right because it's so self-evidently obvious that I'm right").

    Is it possible that in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Ray is completely unaware of any family that has spent all their savings plus whatever they could borrow to keep a teenager out of jail on a possession charge? Not because the kid was innocent, but because having a joint in the car when the cops pull you over is not worth going to prison and getting gang-raped every goddamn day for the next few years of the kid's life.

    Is it possible that Ray wouldn't understand this even if the kid in question was one of his own?

  5. People in the past have made the point that for fundies, thinking about those who oppose them as being tortured and in pain gets them excited and maybe even turned on. It's like christian porn. The cartoon Gunther drew hints that he and Ray follow that mentality. It's really quite a psychotic mentality, "I am great, I will be rewarded, my enemies will be tortured, I am chosen to live for eternity, etc."

    Hell isn't punishment. Punishment should suit the crime and give people the chance to rehabilitate. Ray's analogies to the justice system are fallacious because the justice system rarely does this imo.

  6. He doesn't believe what he's saying, so we should really just stop taking him seriously.

  7. Yep. He's a perfect tool.

    What crimes have fundies committed that they think they should all burn for eternity? Do they all have bodies buried in the back yard?

  8. I made this point on Ray's blog but nobody has addressed it yet. Ray is really not that far off from the Manson Family or Jonestown. He seems to relish his belief that all those that do not agree with him are going to be tortured for eternity. He calls this "just" not based on any independent reasoning, but rather based on what some 2,000 year old book tells him. It is sad and scary at the same time.


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