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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Memory Verse for Ray

It's clear Ray has no interest in understanding why atheism is not a religion, as it does not fit into his stump speech and conclusions.

"A fool finds no pleasure in understanding; but delights in airing his own opinions." (Proverbs 18:2)


  1. That's comical! lol ha ha ha

    You quote a verse from the Bible that you don't believe in and call a "bunch of fairy tales".

    How low can you go atheist?

    Here is the 'real' TRUTH for you:

    Psalm 14:1

    "1 Only fools say in their hearts,
    “There is no God.”
    They are corrupt, and their actions are evil;
    not one of them does good!"

    HAVE A NICE DAY !!! hbks1.blogspot

  2. You should particularly like this verse, Terry.

    A fool finds no pleasure in understanding; but delights in airing his own opinions." (Proverbs 18:2)

    This is the best prophecy I've seen in the Bible. You've fulfilled it. Congratulations! I might start reassessing my beliefs now. What is that video you wanted us to watch again? I seem to have missed it the first million times you've plugged it.

  3. @Terry
    You wrote:

    You too. :)

  4. Hey Terry,

    Where have I ever called the Bible a "bunch of fairy tales"? Perhaps your proof that I said that is the same proof that you have that your Bible is true: your faith. And like your faith in the Bible, your faith in my saying that fails.

    Press any key to continue.

    Your logic in the latter part is interesting. So, let me get this straight (it's a lot of confusion to sort through): You can apply the Bible to me because I don't believe it's authentic, but I can't apply it to Ray because he believes it's authentic?

    Press any key to continue.

    I think this is very telling insight into your thought process. I've got one for you, Terry. Ray visited my home last night and said that he thinks that you're a dolt. Obviously, since you don't accept this is true, you must now accept it as true that you are a dolt because I believe it to be true that Ray visited me (even though I have no evidence for it). When you point out that Ray could not have been at my home last night because he was elsewhere, I will say "you can't make that claim because you don't believe it to be true that Ray visited me."

    Press any key to continue.


  5. Terry,

    What do you think about Sarah Palin?

    Stick around...welcome aboard.

  6. Re: "Here is the 'real' TRUTH for you:"

    are you suggesting Proverbs 18:2 is not truth?

  7. Does it seem to everyone else that the quality of new Rayniac commenters keeps getting worse and worse? I wouldn't have thought such a thing possible.

    Then you get comments like this from "Rob Hughes".

    Let's talk facts. We have the evidence of a Creator. It's all around us. Stop exercising selective eyesight and admit it. Now, what evidence do you have? Theory, conjecture, speculation. We have no problem in saying we are religious, since we hold to a system of belief. We only maintain it is the truth because we have the evidence to do so.

    You, too, hold to a system of belief. You believe fervently that there is no God, even though you cannot prove that there is no God. Our faith is not blind because we have the assurance of what we hope for. Your faith is blind faith because you cannot prove what you assert.

    Haha. Fail. I missed the part where you presented your facts, Rob Hughes. Baby smiles and trees doesn't prove Jesus.

    and this from "Eric"

    Its funny how atheists claim that Atheism is not a religion, yet you guys seem to "pow-wow" yourselves up every now and again. Aren't there some kind of atheist conventions and groups? Sounds like a religion to me.

    So apparently Star Trek fans now have a religion.

    Don't worry though, Terry. You are still the craziest Rayniac alive!

  8. DI,
    great use of Proverbs in this case!

    You understand the Bible better then Ray does.....

  9. You're a fucking psycho, Burton. Your butt-buddy Ray Comfort continuously quotes, and quote mines, evolutionary science that he doesn't believe in. I know how low you can go, Christian; low enough to toss Ray's salad.

  10. Hey at least he quoted the full verse. They usually don't because the second sentence is a pretty blatantly unprovable assertion.

    1 The fool [a] says in his heart,
    "There is no God."
    They are corrupt, their deeds are vile;
    there is no one who does good.

    Wait a minute though, what is that “[a]”? The “a” is there as a footnote. Turns out the word translated “fool” may not me the motley guy in a funny hat we think of. Footnote a in my NIV says:

    a. The Hebrew words rendered fool in Psalms denote one who is morally deficient.

    or as someone else put it:

    “The term is a synonym for sinner, and it describes everyone who has no place for God in his or her life. The fool’s problem is that his heart refuses the knowledge of God. To be sure, he is not an intellectual atheist, denying the existence of God, but a practical atheist, living as if there were no God (Pss. 53:1; 74:18,22; Isa. 32:6).” [Holman Old Testament Commentary: Psalms 1-75, p. 75]

    So anyway, the verse isn't really as inflammatory as it's made out to be or as the Christians wish it to be. Funny.

    Daddy Stegosaurus

  11. My old friend Terry Burton is here!

    Remember those orgies we had down on the ol boat at he Key?? All those young boys!.
    I'll never forget!

    You are a good time, man!

    Good to see you cumming!

  12. Terry,
    I heard you quit beating up on your wife and kids! Awesome!

    I'm happy that you came over to the place of reason.

    I hope your little penis is getting the attention it deserves. You do masturbate, right? After all, those pics on the walls of the houseboat that you have up for sale indicate that you like pics of little girls drinking beer. Nice!

    Luv ya man!

  13. Terry,
    I forgot the "showing their tits" part!

    You an me, right? Buds?

  14. Terry,

    Please post some of those pics on your site OK?


  15. Terry (AKA the schizophrenic religious zealot),

    The advantage of not holding any religious beliefs is that we can get knowledge from any place we fancy. It does not matter if a good quote comes from the bible or from a scientific article, or from spiderman. It works, it makes the point, it's clear, We can use it, and we are not held back by any stupid beliefs.


  16. @ Dale, that was a 'low blow' on the Florida Cheerleaders on my old houseboat. FYI, the new owner has them now! :)
    I miss the pelicans & manatees!!!

    @ Kaitlyn, thank you for the Good Wish. You are so sweet. I don't see you as a profanity spewing atheist! Your an exception. Hope you see the 'light' of Jesus Christ.

    @ atheists in general ( still praying for you! don't forget HBKS video on my blogs ;)

    @ rando, you said "A fool finds no pleasure in understanding; but delights in airing his own opinions." (Proverbs 18:2)

    I beg to differ with you Rando. My preaching is not my opinion. It is strictly based on the scriptures in the Bible. I find plenty of pleasure in reading, and learning new things!

    Suggest you break down and buy a Subject Bible. Outstanding study book! Just 'google' for it.

    God Bless you all! off to work for me. Hope to see you at:

    Ray and Kirk's TRANSFORMED seminar in West Virginia, Oct 4, 2008 at The Clay Center, One Clay Square, Charleston, WV 25301

    8 am to 12 pm, or
    1:30 Pm to 5:30 pm

    Here's that link for HBKS:

  17. @ no_education

    you said "The advantage of not holding any religious beliefs is that we can get knowledge from any place we fancy"

    I've been the whole world over as a former sailor in the US Navy.

    I've see many religions ( like yours ) and I do not mix them and choose which parts to keep. For example: I respect the prayers and devotion of the Muslim religion, but I do not subscribe to their "way to heaven".

    We share the same Abraham, but we went our different ways. I believe the hatred of "God's chosen people" has alot to do with that!

    As you know the Christian faith believes in Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God from the OT, the Jewish Messiah. He is the final sacrifice for mankind's sins.

    I hope and pray that you and the other atheists will come to this belief, before you die. I have done alot of study on this, the Global Flood, and the prophecies.

    Sorry, I do not subscribe to conjectures. I know for a fact that Jesus Christ fulfilled 109 distinct prophecies of the Jewish Messiah. He arose from the grave, and was witnessed 'alive' by 500 people of the day.

    Besides Simon Greenleaf's in depth study, I have seen other evidence that solidifies my 'faith in God' and His wonder plan of redemption.

    The evidence of the CHRIST is overwhelming. He is coming back one day, the Second Coming will be seen by all. Whether the people choose to 'believe' is their choice! God Bless!

    Have a Great Day!!! See ya on the blog. Ray's blog that is! :)

    Ciao!!! God Bless 'dale'! ;)

  18. @Multiple Terry--

    @ Dale, that was a 'low blow' on the Florida Cheerleaders on my old houseboat. FYI, the new owner has them now! :)
    I miss the pelicans & manatees!!!


    Terry, you sick bastard. You even did it with pelicans and manitees???

  19. Burton,
    "@ Dale, that was a 'low blow' on the Florida Cheerleaders on my old houseboat."

    Wow, I hadn't seen the one of the cheerleaders!

    The one I am referring to is the scantily clad girl with the Budweiser beer bottle.

    You ol' pervert, you!

  20. Hey Psycho! If Barack Obama is elected, be sure to remember, and continuously quote, Romans 13: 1.


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