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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Evangelical Christians Censor Sir David Attenborough Documentaries.....

From the article:

The world's best known wildlife broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough, has called on the BBC to stop Christian fundamentalists from deleting references to evolution from his documentaries.

Censored versions of Sir David's award winning programmes have been broadcast in Holland without any references to evolution, speciation, descent and timescales of millions of years, after being censored by Christian creationists who are opposed to Charles Darwin's ideas.

I don't even have words right now for just how wrong this really is.


  1. Why show it at all if you're just going to cut the relevant science out of it?

  2. They should have just shown this instead:


  3. LMFAO !!!!! Maragon, I think that is part of the DVD package that Ray sends out to his sheep as 'educational' !

  4. We just read an essay by Kant about censoring and free thought.

    I mean, I guess they can run their government they way they want to run it, but that's not the way I'd want America to be run.

  5. Rob Penn said...
    We just read an essay by Kant about censoring and free thought.

    That sounds so nice and creamy. And who is "we(?.") by the way?"

  6. NM,

    Thanks for sharing that. I think I'll use it for part of my world reilgions class home work. :)

  7. Holland? But was it some tv channel very influenced by creationists, or is the gov of Holland that dumb?

    David's "Life on Earth" was the first book I read that dealt with the whole of evolutionary history. It gave me such a nice perspective to follow the guy from the living examples to the fossils, and see how even today we can witness how life could have been eons ago. how it developed. It was one more reason to be convinced that biology was "my thing." The last time I gave a presentation as an undergrad, I finished by telling my classmates to read the book and find their biologist within again, if they have lost it ...


  8. @ dale:

    Humanities class.

    It was an answer to the question "What is enlightenment?"

  9. As a major fan of Sir David's work, I would just like to say:

    Blasphemy!! Sacrilege!!! Kill the unenlightened infidels for their wanton desecration of sacred works!!!!!
    ^Note: Five exclamation marks.

  10. G.E.

    I remember reading about this a while ago. It is the TV channel that purchased the programs from the BBC that did the editing.

    The edits by the public broadcasting organisation Evangelische Omroep (EO, Evangelical Broadcasting) have triggered howls protests about "deviations and sins of omission" from Dutch scientists, led by Dr Gerdien de Jong, an evolutionary biologist at Utrecht University.

    With Dr Hans Roskam of the University of Leiden, she has organised a petition, signed by more than 300 biologists, including 50 professors, and letters of complaint to the Director General of the BBC, the director of the BBC Natural History Unit, and Sir David.

    "I am entirely on the side of the biologist in Utrecht," said Sir David. "The BBC should take steps to make sure that the minuteness of the meanings are maintained."

    "As its name indicates, the Evangelische Omroep is a fundamentalist Christian organisation inspired by the word of God as revealed in the literal text of the Bible," said Dr de Jong. "The EO denies all science that falsifies this literal text."

  11. Honestly this right here would be a good substitute Dave Att. documentaries.


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