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Monday, August 11, 2008

Unanswered Challenges to Ray

Prove you're not pretending to be a Christian. -- unanswered 5 days.

Tell us which are fully ape and which are fully human. -- unanswered 12 days.

How do we know if Crocoduck is found you won't blow it off like Pigmonkey? -- unanswered 13 days.

Prove that "James D. Franz" really exists. -- unanswered 18 days.


  1. Here's another one - why did he remove the 'Too Much Attention' post?

  2. Does any one else remember Ray's post about a rich woman who had here air conditioner moved because it was making her toast cold, and had her house moved because a tree was blocking the woman's view?

    People called Ray on the absurdity, and then he tried to defend himself by saying that just that Monday--what a coincidence--she had sold her company for $40 billion. A few of us took quick looks and found no evidence of a company fitting that description being sold.

    With a more thorough investigation, I think that we could conclusively prove that Ray lied in this case. Any one else game?

    (I think that the idea that a single person sold a $40 billion company as if it were a family run business gives away the lie, but that doesn't quite rise to the level of proof.)

  3. I was amazed that after listing 61 passages from the bible where god condoned, commanded, or initiated genocide and murder that not a single poster, or Ray commented on it, or challenged it.

  4. "fourkid said...
    Hello Mr. Comfort,
    Rufus, you know him right?, he still talks to me - even after I (self-rightously - sorry)tattled on him for cursing in foreign languages. He asked me, to ask you, why you deleted the blog entry called:
    "Too Much Attention", and also why when he asked you about it you didn't allow his question to go through?


    Patti...my posts get emailed to a mass of people who don't have access to the comments. So when something I say wouldn't make sense to them, I delete it before it gets emailed out.

    August 10, 2008 6:17 PM

    So there you have it.

  5. So Ray emailed the blog entry to Rufus, but before emailing it, he deleted the part "wouldn't make sense." But it was, in fact, the entire blog entry which was deleted. So first, why was any email sent at all? Second, why was the content of that post left intact? And third, why was the entry removed from the website itself?

  6. The crockoduck question really isn't a great tactic. If a crocoduck was found it would destroy what we know about evolution. That's what is so hilarious about Ray using examples like that.


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