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Thursday, July 31, 2008

As Ray Says, Let's Settle This Once And For All


Tell us, please, which of the above skulls are fully ape and which are fully human.


  1. You expect an honest answer from a person who thinks fish can actually THINK about evolving?

    He had one of those "once and for all" posts a while back. But we all know he would put a 12 gauge to his chin before admitting that there are transitions.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. He, One I found to be very funny was a statement saying that all those fossils were "just extinct species of apes." Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    What would you expect them to be? We ARE apes, what else could our extinct ancestors be but extinct species of apes?


  4. GE...

    ...I thought we were space jam.... =*(

  5. In that the matter that we are made of was produced in early formation of the universe, we are "Space Jam."

  6. Silent Dave,

    Shoving aside the hyperbole of some of the commentators, you have produced a very profound example of transitional fossils, as related to us homo guys and gals.

    Very nicely done. And, your point is very well made.

    Of course, since they won't allow you to publish this on creationist sites, it will go unseen, or acknowledged in any way.

    To ignore = ignorance?

  7. I wish I could take credit for the graphic, but it was created for the talkorigins site many years ago. And yes, creationists do ignore it with a great deal of urgency and desperation.

  8. Still, good post, GE. Thanks

  9. I meant, good find, Silent Dave!

  10. Is it poor form to link to my site? Because I recently posted a similar challenge, a game of Guess the Embryo.


    No one has really even tried. If someone here would give me three guesses, I will reveal the answers.


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