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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Evolution Is a License to Be Immoral

Ray's discussion of morals in Ignorant Knuckle-draggers is exactly what we should expect from someone who favorably reviewed Expelled -- hosted by the man who said "science leads you to killing people."
To him [the person who does not deny evolutionary theory], evolution is a license to act like an animal, and he does.
I explored the idea of the Bible being the real license to act like an animal in my blog post about it:
It seems, though, the men are your Book were restrained by nothing more than basic instinct, and that was far before humans were classified as animals. They repeatedly murdered, raped, and enslaved. I believe I'm an animal descended from lower forms of animals, and I have yet to murder, rape, or enslave anyone. Seems I'm already doing better than the godly men of the Old Testament. The men of the Old Testament and the God of the Old Testament were both animals, in every sense of the word. They murdered hundreds of thousands, sparing only the virgin women so that they can enslave them and rape them. Is that the sort of basic instinct, the sort of sexuals prowls that you say evolution gives them a license to commit? Apparently, you have evolution confused with your Bible and God, who gave men the license to commit such despicable acts.
If man believes in the Bible, he can justify murder, rape, misogyny, racism, and slavery, because he can simply cite the chapter and verse.
The Bible grants an even greater license than that, though. In civil law (which he took a swipe at), if you violate the law, you are held accountable for it and are appropriately punished for it. In Christian law, though, if you violate the law, you are in no way held accountable for it as Jesus has already served the punishment for anything you do... as long as you want to be forgiven, you will be.

Ray wrote that evolution is a license to act like an animal (a complete non-sequitir), but the Bible is the ultimate carte blanche. Fill in whatever immoral value you wish, as Jesus has already signed his name to the check.


  1. A blank check for mayhem! Yippie!

    ****dale, heading out to rape, plunder and pilliage*****

  2. Yep, Dale has reminded me it's that time of day. I guess I need to finish my workout so I can go rob some people, commit a few murders and, make some nefarious plots against children and old people. I love that check.

  3. I hope the check design is copyrighted. It seems like just the kind of thing that Ray would turn into some mindless tract. Terry Burton and the rest will be handing them out before too long.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @Rufus

    Yeah, I bet they would. I could just see it. They would replace Jesus Christ with Darwin and make it into a carte blanche for evolutionary theory.

  6. Or, knowing their nonsense tract, they'd probably keep it as-is.

  7. Dis:

    Oh yeah, keep it as it is. Keep Ray's name on it for the publicity. He wouldn't turn away that kind of attention.

  8. hahaha I love the check!!
    I want one, not to use of course, just to laugh at. Believing Jebus takes away sin is such a "get out of jail free" card.


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