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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Comforting Quotes Project

In the header image of my blog I have the following quotes:
I'm what you call a bigot; a fundamentalist.

I have never said that Einstein was a Christian, that he believed in Jesus or a personal God. He wasn't dumb.

To say that you believe such fantastic stories [of biblical accounts] would mean that you would have to surrender your intellectual dignity.

I think that "great" teachers don't say the sort of weird things [Jesus] said."
I am always keeping my eye out for more quotes of his I could take out of context or use in a misleading way, much like he does all the quotes he uses. With all the vigilant eyes we have on this blog for his books, blog, articles, and comments, I thought we could make a bigger project out of this. So, do keep your eye out (what an odd phrase) for anything of his we can construe and/or take out of context and make a new post with it here in The Raytractors.


  1. Ooooh, I've got a good one from the early days:

    Which Came First?
    Posted by Ray Comfort on 11/15/2007 02:05:00 PM

    "I can understand that a fish evolved legs and lungs over millions of years--because he (and his necessary female help mate) wanted to breathe, and to walk on dry land."

    There you have it; Ray understands (kind of) evolution to be true!

    Oh, and he rounds it off with this zinger:

    "Actually, we don’t need to think at all."


  2. I like this idea as being a project and I love the 'I'm what you call a bigot; a fundamentalist' quote.

  3. Unless otherwise listed, all of the quotes come from Ray's personal blog [http://raycomfortfood.blogspot.com].

    I have … claimed to be an authority on the subject of evolution, but I have … nothing.
    ~ Evolution Debate ~

    (Regarding his upcoming book) I have spent months researching for … an intellectual embarrassment.
    ~ Evolution Debate ~

    The God of the bible was the creature who permitted such miracles as parted seas, water to wine and the reanimation of dead people. Now days he hides in the microscopic inconsistencies within the scientific theory of evolution.
    ~ A Challenge ~

    The book of Proverbs is filled with such good advice…If you want your life to be a disaster
    ~ How to Boost Your Ego ~

    How about some honesty…the existence of God is just an excuse to indulge in guilt-free lust and illicit sex.
    ~ God Created Sex (PG 14, Men Only) ~

    Our atheist friend is right.
    ~ The Lie Detector ~

    [I]f God loved you He would make sure that you don’t get any diseases, right up until the day you die.
    ~ A Thousand Times a Day ~

    [S]omething is terribly wrong with a brain that refuses common sense…the way my brain works.
    ~ The Brain ~

    We are in a war, and it’s easy to forget who we are battling against…It is the god [sic] of this world who is our enemy
    ~ The Enemy ~

    Explain to me where the other laws that govern the universe came from, i.e. the laws of thermodynamics, of motion, and the laws of heat? One thing we are sure of, God didn’t create them."
    ~The Blind Faith of the Theory of Evolution~

    The truth is that the Christian is like … working with a patient who has psychological problems.
    ~A Bloody Pulp~

    It is evidence that we live in a world of insanity, where it has become commonplace for fathers to murder their children, husbands to beat their wives, kids to kill kids at school. It is an insane world where people breath in carcinogens in the form of a cigarette and feel cool, where it’s normal and good to poison yourself through alcoholic intoxication, where lying and stealing is acceptable behavior.

    We live in a world where mothers kill their children before they are born, where priests in the name of God molest children… The Bible [is] the root cause of all this mess. The issue has nothing to do with science.
    ~The Big Asylum ~

  4. (Regarding his upcoming book) I have spent months researching for … an intellectual embarrassment.
    ~ Evolution Debate ~

    That's a lie. He finds it at least four times a week.

  5. I had stood up on a soapbox and made myself a fool [to plead with the ungodly.] - today


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