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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Unbelievably, Ray has this to say:

"So, why aren’t millions of evolutionists jumping up and down with excitement? It’s because the ugly little fellow has nothing to do with a monkey except that he kind of looks like one. He is one of five piglets recently born to a sow, and the mother pig brought forth after her own kind, even though her own kind is an ugly duckling.

The piglet's rare condition is thought to be caused by a form of holoprosencephaly, a brain development disorder that can cause cyclopia, the failure of eyes to properly separate. That’s similar to a condition evolutionists have in the face of the evidence of intelligent design. It effects the working of the brain, and so the eyes don’t see the genius of the hand of Almighty God so evidenced in creation."

If this is the case, that is, that is that the evidence for ID is overwhelming, then why say this when there is a clear example of a FUCKUP! Also, if we are God's top priority, then why are so many humans afficted with similar birth defects?

Nervous system or brain problems - such as learning disabilities, mental retardation, behavioral disorders, speech or language difficulties, convulsions, and movement trouble. Some examples of birth defects that affect the nervous system include Autism, Down syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, and Fragile X syndrome.

Sensory problems - such as blindness, cataracts and other visual problems, and varying degrees of hearing loss including deafness

Metabolic disorders - involve a body process or chemical pathway or reaction, such as conditions that limit the body's ability to get rid of waste materials or harmful chemicals. Two common metabolic disorders are phenylketonuria (PKU) and hypothryroidsim.

Degenerative disorders--are conditions that might not be obvious at birth, but cause one or more aspects of health to steadily get worse. For example, X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD), which was the focus of the movie Lorenzo’s Oil, Rett syndrome, muscular dystrophy, and lysosomal disorders are examples of degenerative disorders.

I guess, I would expect that a loving God...who is the genius of all geniuses...would be able to produce each one of his special creations, made in his own image, without fucking up so much. All of us know people who have birth defects, I have a few family members. Wouldn't they and their families be happier if everything had just gone right? Couldn't jesus have presumably fixed the problem, or set things up so there wouldn't be problems during development? The all knowing, all loving, totally able card is really hard to play right now. Luckily, I have Ray to prevent me from being all thinky.." so the eyes don’t see the genius of the hand of Almighty God so evidenced in creation". Sorry, the thinky side of my demands this question be asked: "Why would Ray talk about "intelligent design" and "the genius of God" and put a picture of a wildly fucked up creature? A critter so fucked up, we describe it as having "holoprosencephaly". Otherwise, we would have just named it "Babe". Is Ray a transition between an idiot and a moron, or a moron and a fuckstick?


  1. Rawk, Clos.

    Could this birth defect here even be some sort of support for evolution, as it is evidence that random genetic mutations and previously unused genetic material can fire unexpectedly, causing these types of changes?

    I wonder if they'll keep it alive, whether it can live successfully on is own. will be interesting to see. Also, seeing this picture for the third or fourth time, he's not nearly so hideous.. he's got a certain adorable smiley quality that also gives me the willies.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Damn.

    I wonder if Ray distracts himself from the truth on purpose.

  4. theshaggy,

    Yeah, I suppose I should have addressed that point. That is part of the irony. Intelligent design implies that the design should be free from debilitating fowl-ups like this. To show a horribly disfigured, blind pig and then start spouting about the genius of god and ID is fucking hilarious.


    Well, you hit the nail on the head. Any problems? Just blame it on an apple, a rib-woman and a snake. Also, we can't study nature as it really is. We have to ignore all the data and keep telling ourselves the bible is a science book!!


    "the truth" is antithetical to Ray's character. He plays a lying stooge for Christ on the stage of life.

  5. Well, I'm pretty sure every one here knows what I think on the matter.

    Here's a couple of my assumptions that people may or may not have picked up on;

    Who says that God is calling all of the shots? Who said that God is making all the decisions about Creation?

    I dunno if this blog was meant for this kind of discussion, but there's the question any way.

  6. Rob,

    I would say that fundamentalists like Ray say that God calls all the shots except what He leaves up to "free will" or the result of the "fall". God is all powerful and all knowing but birth defects are Eve's fault.

  7. @ Milo:

    I would say that fundamentalists like Ray say that God calls all the shots except what He leaves up to "free will" or the result of the "fall". God is all powerful and all knowing but birth defects are Eve's fault.

    I agree. However, I probably take it a bit farther than Ray does.

    I'm a bit non-traditional on that matter. I like the idea of Open Theism.

    Any way, I don't believe it was God who invented the eff-up. I believe it was man. It's basically that same idea.

    What about that idea is bad? I mean, if it was mankind's decision, why do we say "God effed up?"

  8. The people at Ray's are really getting confused now. A Christian points out Ray's weird ideas of science, then that person gets told by another Christian that Ray is just having fun, even though Ray's alleged concept of fun is indistinguishable from self-parody, which is again indistinguishable from Ray being sincere. Perhaps Ray has some sort of mad scientist plan to make people's heads explode.
    Or he just doesn't understand the concept of satire.
    Ray, imitating yourself is not satire if it's the same thing someone would expect from you anyway. Come on Ray, you clearly see how ridiculous your posts are anyway you approach them by the reactions you get. You're only confusing your Mastered ones. The best thing you could do is now admitting you're an atheist who had a ball baiting and Poeing everybody. We'd hail you as our king, Dawkins would send you letters of congartulations, and you'd get whole chapters devoted to you in the next dozen atheist books.

  9. Rob - it doesn't seem just and fair to me that creatures today should be punished for a sin 6000 years ago.

    It certainly doesn't seem fair that pigs should suffer because of humankind's original sin.

  10. @ Stew:

    People in a bank take a bullet when some one else pulls the trigger.

    People many years from now will have to suffer and fight through the things we've done to our planet.

    I've had this conversation many times. I assume you have, as well. The thing I don't understand is, if people have to suffer for the decisions that others make all the time in life, what makes this one decision any different (regardless of whether or not it was literally eating a fruit)?

  11. @ captain howdy:

    Those people who crowd around Ray's blog trying to out-amen! each other are sheep who are just grazing where they were told to.

    Actually, that's more a compliment than anything. Minus the "out Amen!ing" part.

    They're REALLY trying to do God's work, and the place that they feel is the best is the first one that they hit up. They can't be blamed for that, but they can be challenged to consider other grasses.

  12. Some fun with Dan:

    Dan said: "I believe that the un-clean animals came in as pairs (two - one male and one female) and the clean animals came in by seven pairs (14 animals).

    Genesis 7:2 "Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female.""

    I replied:


    I will address your other comment tomorrow, as I need to get to bed...been a long day. In any, case, this is ridiculous. If this were true, there would be 350,000 species of beetles on the ark. You are telling me that Noah collected each "kind" of beetle, from all over the earth and put them all on a boat? What about everything else?? Where all these species living in ancient Palestine? How could Noah and his family herd all these species into a boat? Further, the fossil record does not suggest a flood. Henry Morris used two arguments for the flood, one of which is known as hydrodynamic sorting. I will quote Michael Shermer:

    "18. Hydrodynamic sorting during the Flood explains the apparent progression of fossils in geological strata. The simple, ignorant organisms died in the sea and are on the bottom layers, while more complex, smarter, and faster organisms died higher up.

    Not one trilobite floated upward to a higher stratum? Not one dumb horse was on the beach and drowned in a lower stratum? Not one flying pterodactyl made it above the Cretaceous layer? Not one moronic human did not come in out of the rain? And what about the evidence provided by other dating techniques such as radiometry?"

    I could think of numerous other questions that don't make sense with Flood geology. One other such explanation is that organisms of equal size, shape and density will be found in the same strata. This can be refuted by looking at brachiopods found only in lower strata, and clams which are found in upper strata.

    Not to mention the obvious...herbivores need plants to eat and would have starved after a world-wide flood...carnivores need other organisms to survive and if only one pair of a "kind" was eaten, they would be extinct. There would be nothing left..organisms would not have been able to reproduce, the carnivores would have eaten the herbivores and themselves. I have read some stupid accounts where ALL the organisms were herbivores then...but the anatomy of many "kinds" is inconsistent with this lifestyle. Also, "kind" is so vague as to be useless. You claim it is "family", but members within a family cannot interbreed (hybrids are not stable after 1 to 2 generations).

    For anyone today to think there was a Noah and a worldwide flood is mystifying.

  13. @ Clostridiophile:

    For anyone today to think there was a Noah and a worldwide flood is mystifying.

    The question is, does the story of the flood have to be a literal one in order to have any relevance?

    The flood that covered the entire earth may or may not be literal in nature. I won't know until I meet (or don't meet) the guy. However, even though the flood may not be a literal story, it still carries more weight in my mind than the absolutely true and literal existence of polar ice caps on earth.


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