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Thursday, July 31, 2008

So What's MY Password, Ray?

My password is also really unique. Only three people know what it is: 1. My girlfriend, whom I trust with my life, 2. Myself, and 3. God.

My girlfriend and I aren't telling, and God does not exist -- but, unlike you, I'm open to the possibility of being wrong. Presumably you aren't "in sin" the same way you think we are, so God would hear your request if you made it. And even though I don't imagine God would go around giving out peoples' passwords as a matter of course, in my case he would God would have a motivation for telling you what my password is: it would save my soul.

That's right, Ray: tell me what my password is, and I'll accept that as sufficient proof that Christianity is true, and accept Jesus on the spot.

I'll give you seven days to respond. So as to not make my password public on the off chance that God actually comes through, please email your answer at silentdave47 at gmail dot com. You only get one guess -- which is all you should need, presumably having an infallible source -- so make it count.

What do you say, Ray?


  1. Cue 24 passed-out Raytractors who held their breath just a wee bit too long...

  2. That would be F-ing sweet if he guessed it.

  3. Don't hold your breath like the 24 unconscious, mudskipper. God's probably not going to open up a cloud and say "Thus sayeth the lord; his password's LittleBlackBerriesOnTopOfIcecream"

    I might have to chuckle a bit, however, if God happened to push a box of hacking software off the back of a truck in front of one of Ray's street programs.

  4. Rob,

    Do you think this is likely to happen, or that this is the sort of thing that God occupies his (infinite) time with?

  5. @ ExPatMatt:

    Do you think this is likely to happen, or that this is the sort of thing that God occupies his (infinite) time with?

    I fully believe that whole "don't test the lord," thing. God is God on his terms, not mine or anyone else's.

    Cliche. Stupid sounding. Like so many things that are true in life.

    I don't expect Ray to ever know that password. It's not even a matter of wasting time. If God's omnipresent, and omnipotent, then he can do this and everything else at the same time. No time gets wasted.

  6. I know I'm not Ray, though your distaste for me runs along the same line of reasoning - but...

    I just have to ask... What makes you think that Ray guessing your password would thereby save your soul?

    Wouldn't that only prove that he is a really good guesser? How is it that something as absurd as a jumble of letters or numbers would be sufficient evidence for the God you've spent (presumably) the better part of your life denying and railing against?

    I mean, I know that DNA's jumble of information isn't enough to convince you, so what makes your password any more impressive?

    In fact, if God, for whatever reason he might have, DOES tell Ray your password, I'm going to go on the record and guarantee that you will/would not denounce your atheism...

    Prove ME wrong... We'll BOTH see what happens - but I've got to tell you, I don't believe God is going to tell Ray anything about you - you've already told enough...


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