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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've figured out Ray's new tactic...

Have you noticed how long it takes for Ray to admit the first batch of comments to his blog these days? He has been accumulating comments and then posting them all at once, pretty much since the strike began.

The reason for this, I believe, is that if he let comments flow through more frequently, people would realize that the very first atheist comments succinctly deal with the errors in his post and they would not bother to add their 2 cents after that (other than the usual suck-ups and Terry Burtons, of course).

See his latest piece of crap on 'transitional forms'. I was sucked in too this time and half the responses all say pretty much the same thing. Without this lag time his comment numbers would disappear.

He is far more cunning than I gave him credit for and we need a plan if we're going to avoid him pulling our strings.

I suggest that we destroy whatever inanity he has most recently posted, and then pick out the best of our comments to be sent over (referencing the ongoing discussion at Raytrators, of course) for publishing at the ol' Soapbox (remember the good old days?).

Quite frankly, I'd like us to move onto a more wide-ranging scope of discussion and take the spotlight off Comfort's dishonesty for a while, but there's just so much WRONG over there that needs addressing!

Any thoughts?


  1. I noticed that there had been no comments to that post and thought "good, he's lost his audience"
    Much later and, bang, a whole pile of comments at once.
    But is it intentional, or is he busy with other shit and doesn't get around to reading/moderating till he's free? Much as I disdain the little turd, I can see that it's possible that his life isn't consumed by the blog.

    Otherwise I'd have to credit him with a machiavellien cunning that I don't think he's capable of.

  2. I think you are giving him too much credit, but if not, then Ray is even more of a hypocrite than I could have ever imagined.


  3. One thing I've been doing is to go by Ray's blog and look for any archived comments of mine. Every once in awhile I'll see the little trash can after my comment. When I see it, I delete my comment.

    That should make it harder for Ray to use any of my comments. Plus it's fun to sabotage his blog, albeit in a small way.

  4. It's like taking the strike one step further. Just imagine if we all started doing that.

  5. Google advanced search. Put Ray's url and your user name as the criterea and, hey presto! there are all your comments.

    I was surprised how few I had.

    Now I have none.

  6. I've only had a handful of posts, and it just doesn't feel right to delete them, especially when they're within at least semi-rational discussions. I think I paid enough attention so that they would be hard to quote-mine anyway.
    Whatever creams your cake, I suppose.

  7. The thing I like about it is that it leaves the Xtians looking like they're talking to themselves. It would be especially fun to watch if ALL the heathens that have contributed so much insight to Ray for free were to suddenly do it en masse.

    Let's see him weave a book out of what's left.

  8. Ok, in retrospect, I think I've given Ray far too much credit.

    Cap, I like your style.

    Cue me deleting my, admittedly very few, comments from 'Atheist Central'

    Thanks for the search tip, stew!


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