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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Words of Wisdom from Terry Burton

"Yes, microevolution does occur! AMEN.

Most Christian Scientists agree with it. I agree with it as a science degree person."

What the fuck is a "science degree person"?


  1. Rufus,

    It is amazing that you can still read terry's crap.


  2. I figured it out.

    Terry is a spambot.

  3. A "science degree person" must mean frm terry's perspective:

    someone like me with lots of credentials IRT (<-or whatever he puts, he just loves acronyms, he must feel like they add him status) and qualifications to criticize anything I want, while you have no credentials for anything


  4. G.E.

    On some days I have a high crap threshold. And I think Terry Burton's "IRT" might mean something like "in Ray's tush". You can extrapolate from there.

  5. "What the fuck is a "science degree person"?"

    I don't know but Terry sure isn't one. Oh Terry, how can a person walk to the kitchen but not to the mall???
    Macroevolution = microevolution + more time

  6. Oh, I know this one....it's someone who lives with a 'lawman', was asked by the pilot of a commercial aircraft to be the copilot, was a counselor in the military and has seen HBKS 498,392,371,586,488,744,966,453 times.

  7. I've asked creationists countless times, and never received an answer:
    What is the barrier or mechanism that prevents microevolution from becoming macroevolution?
    Creationists accept the existence of laws of physics, which also govern microbiology and biochemistry, and microevolution does not break these laws. Does God allow physics to function in every other area and every other event in the universe, just not the development of species? Does he work a miracle every time a new generation would become a new species compared to say, 30 generations past? Then why not make the laws of nature such that new species just can't develop? Why all the deceptive observable evidence against creation that conforms to all the laws?
    Why create people crazy enough to contradict the God-created natural evidence and physical laws in order to support his existence?

  8. So this means when I get a BA in geography, I will be a artist?

    "Marlin the artist person"

    Fuckin'A, I like the sound of that!

  9. That's an interesting question, Felix. What's your view on abortion?

  10. lance,
    I think I'll ignore that in my inimitably divine way.

  11. I think you can get a science degree from the same place Kent Hovind went to. Patriot University? The trailer in his back yard.
    Bible science or some crap like that.

  12. No no no...you get the science degree Terry speaks of in the same place Ted Haggard got his psychology degree...in the dark corner of the internet, where all you do is type your name, click, and print.

  13. LOL! I can just picture terry after he finishes his final exam on his computer. He puts on a graduation hat, dims the lights, presses the play button on his CD player and hits "print degree" while vitamin c's friends forever graduation song plays.

  14. Of course he makes up his final exam so he doesn't feel like he's breaking that lying commandment.

  15. I can picture Terry with a cap and gown walking down his living room while playing "Sweet Symphony", and all his relatives are in their seats applauding.

    With a minister, and HBKS playing in the background.

  16. Don't forget: with Man With a Badge and Wild About the Gospel in the audience applauding.

  17. I suppose a science degree person is what Kent Hovind is.

  18. Ray would be the special speaker at Terry's grad too.

  19. Rufus,
    I was just reminded of the scene in Pirates of the Caribbean 3, where Jack Sparrow is seen talking to himself and his multiple personalities. I have a feeling that this is exactly what Terry does each day.

  20. I can see it now:

    This pseudo-parchment tackily framed in plastic and crookedly hung from a rusty nail certifies that the holder is a magna cum loaded graduate of Jeebus University Fer Smart People. Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk.

  21. The multi personality that is Terry Burton genuinely scares me.
    I looked at his web sites and I remember when he started impersonating Dale and Rufus.
    I really think he is seriously unhinged.
    His rants about his alleged military service, pilot experience and educational certifications are inconsistanct to the point of having no grip on reality.
    If it wasn't for his devotion to Ray and jesus keeping him under control he would have to be on medication or locked up.
    I will not be at all surprised if one day he goes postal because the voices told him to.
    I stopped replying to his comments because I didn't want him obsessing over me. I live in DFrance and I had visions of Terry on a plane for Angouleme, with nothing inside his suitcase except a bible, a hunting knife and my name & address

  22. I remember once when he was into doing the fake dale routine - he made a post as fake dale, but mistakenly logged as Man With a Badge or one of his multiple personalities.

    What a jackass...living in a houseboat up on blocks in Kansas...that's just perfect

  23. I think I'll ignore that in my inimitably divine way.

    How do you know you'll ignore it?

    Ha! Okay, okay...I'll stop.

  24. I'm looking back through posts on Ray's blog....it looks like Terry was just a normal fundy, not any more weird than the rest....until maybe April of this year. He really started to head towards the deep end around that time.


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