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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Joshua Black- Aren't You Just Soooo Special!

I...Can't...Quit... Laughing! This kid is one of the most self serving scum buckets I have seen in a while. Not only is he asking for strangers to send him money to pay for his further education in his irrational belief system, get this, he now has an image that shows his picture and it states: "My Prayer Card." Joshua Black- Pray for "Me!" It gets better.
Click on the image and you can download a calender where you can mark in the days on which you "will commit" to pray for him! He then states, " Please print and post somewhere where you will see it often and remember to pray for me!!"

Josh, settle down. I am looking directly into your eyes and I want to tell you that you are self centered nut wad. Get a fucking job and save your money and pay your own goddamned way through school. Who the fuck do you think you are? If you were one of my kids acting like some begging wimp asshole I would tell them the very same thing.
It is obvious by reading your blog that it isn't anything about god, it's everything about what you can get out of it for your own gratification. You are definitely a taker and not a giver. You need some real education.
For a good ol' helping of christian greed, check this out. And they talk of humility!


  1. The humility part is one thing that does get to me. Christians will call atheists selfish, but they believe that the whole wide Universe was created just for them. They believe that a man who lived and died nearly 2000 years ago died just for them. If the plane Joshua S. Black takes to the Bahamas crashes, and everyone but him dies, hundreds of people dead, I'm sure he'll talk about about how God saved him, just him, that God has a plan for Joshua S. Black. The others? Well, tough shit. If they were true Christians they're in Heaven now. If they weren't, they're getting their just rewards.

  2. Of course he believes in a god - he worships himself to such a degree that he couldn't ever consider himself anything but 'divinely created'.

    What an egotistical sack of shit.

  3. Josh Black says,
    "Steven J., as much as you don't believe that we understand evolution, what we do understand is this: it contradicts the Bible and is, by its very nature and explicitly according to its very proponents, intended to free men's consciences from Scripture's condemnation of sin. You don't have to like, but this is the truth."


    This fucktard thinks evolution was explicitly invented to allow us to "sin."

    ***dale, banging head on table***

    This kind of nutloonery never fails to amaze me.

  4. There's nothing like an ignorant gasbag panhandling over the internet....reminds me of Ray.

    And seriously, with all the starving people in this world and all the charities he could donate money to and he wants people to give it to him so he can spread his religious mind virus? Gimme a break.

  5. Ted Haggard, Jeremiah Wright, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Ray Comfort and now Joshua S. Black -- I hope the bleevers aren't getting the leaders they really deserve.

  6. Nice find, Dale! The prayer card made me laugh pretty hard.

    I know a couple who are leaving next month to spend the next year in Asia as missionaries. The total cost of their trip is over $20,000. They got married a month ago and since they can't really take much with them, they asked for money instead to help them with the cost of their trip. I think I gave them just enough to cover the cost of their lunch at the airport.

    Oops...was that mean? That probably makes me sound like a huge bitch.

    (Just to clarify...the bride was a friend of mine in high school and I had only seen her once in the last 12 years. She invited me to her wedding 4 days before it happened. Although I was happy to attend her big day, I was not thrilled about contributing to her cause.)

    That prayer card is still making me laugh...

  7. wow, that's funny

    I always wonder; How many prayers does it take to get to the tootsie role center of a tootsie pop?

    Or, How many for tuition?
    A new car?
    Healing that cancer that's now spreading to your brain?
    I'm gonna make a chart like Joshua Black and post it.

  8. And why in the name of God, must there be horrible soul numbing music assaulting your ears while you try to read his blog?

  9. HAHA! Yeah, I'd like them take their car to a fundy mechanic and he says, "I see you haven't been praying hard enough for your car."

  10. Milo,
    Your post on your hypothesis about the Stockholm Syndrome recieved attention on Flinging Dust's blog and subsequently it recieved attention on Greta Christina's blog and also.....drum roll... PZ Myers' blog.

    Nicely done!

  11. How to extract money from credulous people must get quite a lot of attention in the bible colleges.

  12. Milo,

    It's true. You received a great deal of much deserved attention for that observance !!! Go Milo!! :)

  13. wow- that's exciting-thanks!

  14. Oh, dear -- would someone point me toward Milo's Stockholm Syndrome post, please? I can't find it on FD's or PZ's blogs.

  15. Weemaryanne,
    Go to FD's blog and scroll wayyyy down. It's still there.


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