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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Americans wouldn't want a fool for president

From Rays "Potential Law Suit" post about the National Atheists Day bumper sticker.

Amongst the dross that was the theist responses Susan gave us this bit of hilarity.

"According to a Gallup/USA Today poll last year, Americans would rather vote for a presidential candidate who was Catholic, black, Jewish, female, Hispanic, Mormon, thrice-married, 72 years old, or homosexual than they would one who was an atheist." from the Telegraph.co.uk site article titled "Americans dont' do Atheism"

Funny...just a few minutes after reading this post, I came across this article. It came in my email via a google alert. Aparently most Americans wouldn't want a fool for president. Since the atheists are all on strike and not reading the blog, my post won't be able to offend them.

George W. Bush.


  1. In Ray's video about "the atheists nightmare" he used a USA today poll as evidence there are very few atheists in America. See what happens when you deny science, you start to think magazine polls are "facts"!!!

  2. How can one category be '72 year old' and one be 'atheist'? Ah, fundie science, it never ceases to amaze me.

    Also, George W. Bush: "Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?"

    Fool seconded.

  3.      That thread is also where you will find Ethan's "you're sleeping on train tracks" comment. I posted my own thoughts on that piece of stupidity on my own blog "Just My Thoughts". (I think my version is more fitting; but I may be slightly biased.)

  4. Pvblivs sez:

    That thread is also where you will find Ethan's "you're sleeping on train tracks" comment.

    Fundies. Proudly building Straw Men since 1910.

  5. "According to a Gallup/USA Today poll last year...(blah blah blah).

    Argumentum ad Populum. Invalid.

  6. I have more than one reason to think that there are way more agnostics out there than anyone is ready to admit.

    Most of them are not going to admit this for the very reason we see in the post. But that is changing.

    There is one atheist now in the US Senate and according to what he has hinted, there are many more.
    Most agnostics merely say they are Christian, if asked, to eliminate any conversation strain or bigotry.

    The reason is that religion in this country only requires that one state he is a christian to be recognized a christian.


  7. So, majority opinion prevents fools from getting elected, eh?
    But it has no problem with electing insane people, evil people, ignorant people and corrupt people. Therefore history tells us, through the process of elimination, that electing an atheist is the safest choice for not getting one of the above into power. Thanks Rayniacs for proving the point.


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