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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ray's Response to Pigmonkey

Ray wrote:

So, why aren’t millions of evolutionists jumping up and down with excitement? It’s because the ugly little fellow has nothing to do with a monkey except that he kind of looks like one.

Of course, Pigmonkey didn't prove anything in the first place, since evolution -- the real evolution, not the badly-dressed scarecrow that idiots like Ray Comfort like to call evolution -- doesn't predict pigmonkeys and crocoducks. It's my fault, I suppose, for bringing it to his attention in the first place. But considering Ray's fetish for the aforementioned scarecrow, I think it's only fair to ask him this question:

Ray, how can we be sure that, if Crocoduck really is found, your response won't be "he has nothing to do with a duck except that he kind of looks like one"?


Oh, and by the way -- the reason millions of evolutionists aren't jumping up and down with excitement in the face of pigmonkey is because, here in reality, evolution was a done deal before anyone currently living was born. It'd be like millions of scientists jumping up and down with excitement at proof of atomic theory, which I know darn well you'd deny as well if your favorite book and that warm fuzzy feeling you call God told you to.

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  1. Thursday is coming up and it looks like my Lulu of the Week Award is likely to be a multiple tie.

    Decisions, decisions....


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