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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dumbfort, We Hardly Loved Ye

Sometimes, I wonder if Ray Comfort really does understand what he’s doing. He writes books, he asks for money on his website, and he spews lies left and right. And you know what? His followers defend him. Rays type of teaching is seriously dangerous.

I don’t feel bad for Todd Friel, the third part of Ray’s trinity, because he spews just as much lies as Ray. Listen to WOTM Radio, and you’ll see him blab his mouth. Dan Barker did well against him, but Todd Friel is just a prick. I seriously want to see him debate Christopher Hitchens. See how “great” he really is.

I wonder if the people working with Ray realize that Ray really isn’t such a smart guy. And that Todd spreads propaganda against Atheism. Perhaps they can do some research on the other side, and I wonder how hard they’ll have to trick themselves to remain on Ray’s side. Fear tactics and threats of Hell shouldn’t be something you’re proud of using. Using your mind should.

Oh, and on a side note, Russell from the AE Show and Non-Prophets Podcast decided to confirm his post.


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  2. I don't know if it was Todd, but I've heard WOTM radio once.

    There's a certain ministry who's helped a lot of people, including me, with some major addiction problems. WOTM radio thought it'd be a great idea to bash them up one side and down the other on one of their shows.

    I didn't even know that WOTM was connected to Ray Comfort then. I'd never even HEARD of Ray Comfort back then, and I decided that WOTM wasn't something I would be a part of on that day.


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