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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Night Baby (Mudskipper Has An Admirer)

Emily said...
Terry! My brother in Christ!I write to you in sincerity and Christian love =) a request: PLEASE do not post about the disgusting goings-on of atheist blogs. This is the second time I have read one of your posts where it mentions (in way too much detail in my opinion) the depraved and pornographic contents of an atheist's blog. I understand you are rebuking them (and you are 100% right to do so), but can you please do so on their own blog, or in email, and not post it here?I find it very disgusting, sick and offensive and do not want to even read about it at all. So please, sincerely, can you not mention these details again?I don't visit the atheists sites or blogs for this reason. I know they are almost ALWAYS perverse and disgusting, not to mention blasphemous to a sick extreme, because they have been given over to wallow in their sins like pigs in filth. You choose to visit their sites and post on their blogs, and that is your choice, but it is not mine. So can you please refrain from sharing the filth from their websites here? Thank you. =)


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Wow! Emily makes assertions about things she consciously avoids and doesn't read on purpose? Now, who would'a thunk?

  3. Have we been given over to wallow in our sins like pigs in filth OR is it MONKEY PIGS in filth? hmmmm?

  4. Perhaps we should get rid of the porn links section on this blog. Oh, and we should stop posting pictures of our asses.

  5. I thought my poem "Pathology of biomechanical addiction" was pretty twisted, but I wouldn't call it "Depraved" per se. Jeez, they're really mad over some soft nudity. And I thought it would be OK since they like the much harder snuff porn The Passion.

    Terry says he wants to gas me like a Jew, but I can't return the favor? Not Fair!

    I think, like Lance mentioned, they are all a little perverted. The Dan the Sower, or Johnny Appleseed, whatever his name is. You know, the guy who looks like the leader of the Heavens Gate Cult.
    Sowing our seeds among the sodomites are we? (As long as the ball-and-chain doesn't find out). That's Ok, something tells me Ray feels the same way when he's around Kirk. I mean the guy is cute (Not Joking).

  6. Lance,

    Remove the porn and pictures of our asses? Never! That's crazy talk.

  7. I think the photos of our asses here look pretty. So, I vote we keep them.

  8. Mud, maybe it's time for you and me to act out our Shaving Ray Comfort scene again?

    Please, pretty please???

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Lance,

    not cool, where's the human ass? :-(

  11. Did anybody else notice the cross marking on that cute lil guy's back?

    That's where Gawd marked him. That's all the thanks he got for helping Baby Jeebus and His Momma escape into Egypt.


  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. not cool, where's the human ass? :-(

    You can find him at the Way of the Master.


    I'll be here all week!

  14. lol I walked right into that one, didn't I?

  15. I'm just jumping into this thread, and it's all about asses *pretending to be surprised*.
    Have any of you seen the night vision footage where the Iraqi (Afghan?) guy shags a donkey? It's apparently no longer up at YouTube, but it was hilarious. The helicopter crew were just watching a man humping his favorite ass and commenting on it.
    Oooh, we're so depraved.

  16. What is going on here? What is Emily talking about? I am seriously out of the loop.

  17. Nevermind, I found it. Thank God!

    The idea that this is so offensive is alien to me. That's disgusting, depraved, pornographic, sick, etc? I hope Emily doesn't own a mirror.

  18. I think Terry and Emily were referring to my post on my blog entitled "New Art". Not the Raylians, well, amybe the Raylians and other stuff too, but mostly New Art.


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