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Wednesday, July 30, 2008



So, what do you guys think? Are we up to the challenge to start discussing this "debunker"?

Not convinced? Well, maybe because you eat babies. Just kidding.

But seriously, this guy (taking a look at his posts) is seriously just as hateful as Ray is against Atheists.

Dan (The Great Debunker) Said...

Clostridiophile,"Why not Lord Brahma, or Aman Ra or the other ten thousand
gods that humans have made up? "

You answered it in the way you asked the
question. Humans have made up many gods for themselves, Satanists and atheists
under the umbrella religion of Secular Humanist choose to worship "self." There
is only one Creator and that is who I worship. I suggest you do the same.


  1. His arguments are laughably ignorant like Rays. I've had the pleasure of correcting him on more than a few occasions.

  2. I have to agree with that guy on the Patrick Greene thing, though. That guy is a litigious tool who just tries to make a buck off suing people so he doesn't have to make a living any other way.

    I have to warm up some baby for dinner now.

  3. I don't see much point in engaging this guy. It's pretty much the same shit, just a different asshole.

  4. Same shit, different asshole. I like that one. I'll have t write that one down.

  5. Maybe it's time to look at this guy more closely, eh?

  6. Rufus!!!
    Maybe I'll write a book someday called "Rufus Gold" and post that quote in it! It's GOLD!

    And right after, I'll write CHRISTIANITY: A FAIRY TALE FOR GROWN UPS and star in a show called Way of the Bastard with a washed up child star from the 80's.

  7. What I keep thinking when people from extreme funies to the Pope condemn 'self worship' is, a) respecting humanity and each individual on his own merit has nothing to do with worship, but with human empathy and b) self is mind. surrendering self is to surrender your mind - and being proud of that is contemptible, for it means denigrating your own intelligence, your own emotions, your love, and your reason. A God requiring that of you does not respect you, he does not love you, and he's just making fun of your mindless groveling. If you don't think that's what your god is like, then stop insulting his character by behaving as if he were.

  8. Yeah, his response to me is textbook "special pleading", all the other gods are made up...but not the one I worship, I mean, come on! I am having a quite hilarious "discussion" with Dan about evolution here.

  9. I can't even make sense of Dan's interpretation at 6:19. He seems to contradict himself within one sentence. Am I dense, is it the Italian red wine I'm having, or what?

  10. Anyone can debate me, if they feel man enough (that's not a threat).
    I mean it.

    Jesus Loves U.


  11. LOL
    make out . with sexy Terry . TONITE

    sorry, couldn't resist. Love ya Terry!

  12. I read his blog on evolution. These assholes just keep repeating the same lies over and over again. He'll be corrected and given specific reasons why he's wrong about everything he says, and then he'll just continue to lie.

    They're hopeless.

  13. Nice Pick Terry. SeXXXy

    Did you read my last message?

    Oh, you'll debate everyone else, but you won' talk to me. Krazy

  14. Man, that Dan guy is an idiot!

    I've replied to him, but since he doesn't tolerate personal attacks, though he does give them out, I've no idea how long my reply will stay up there.

    So, I'll post it here as well. Hope no one minds.

    Dan, I'm starting to understand why you wind up complaining about "ad-hominem" attacks. The quality of some of your posts brings them on yourself.

    Let's have a look at the links in your reply to me:

    Your first link is a secularist who is just talking about religion

    second link is a picture of darwin as an ape. guess what, genius? We don't regard him as a higher being. He was a human.

    good grief.

    Ok, now your third link is a link to a skeptical meetup. So what? You've got a very loose definition of "ritual" here. I guess school board meetings are a "ritual" held by the worshippers of education then?

    Fourth link is to Richard Dawkins site. You think he's our "priest"? He doesn't speak for all atheists. Remember his idea of calling non-believers "brights"? Not many people went for that. He got criticized for that. Not many preists have that happen to them, do they?

    Dawkins is just someone who agrees with a lot of the stuff that we do. There are also areas where people disagree with him.

    Fifth link is a book written by another xian fundy (David Noebel) who's trying to make the same association you are. It's like trying to learn about judaism from a nazi (not as extreme, mind you, but you get the idea---learning about one group by reading what a member of a group who hates the first group writes about that first group)

    Try reading a review of it by real atheists.

    Sixth link
    You do realize that picture is taken from a computer game, right? In other words, it's fictional!

    Now, as to us having "two separate holidays", let's see:

    It's Christians who call us fools, and say that April first is a "holiday" for us. Yet you're acting as if we picked it out ourselves?

    The second one is about "darwin day". You should do a little reading about it...The only thing celebrated is science and reason itself.

    Out of all your "claims" only the "darwin day" one can even be stretched into a point, and not a very good one.

    Since it was OK for you to say it to me, I'll justly return the favour:
    Nice try though, thanks for the laugh.

  15. Reynold,
    I applaud thee. I'll be following that post like a Hawk.

  16. Hey, looky here! It's Multiple Terry Burton! First it was Circular Sye, and now Terry shows up too!

    Welcome to our blog, Bugs! You don't have to abbreviate your links here. Unlike Ray, we let anybody post links here, not just people we happen to agree with.

    So, you want to debate? Cool. Did you bring anything to debate with?

    Oh--Say 'Hi' to Man With A Badge, Man With A Cross, and all of your other 12 personalities.

  17. Oh--And check out his website "Lot's Daughters."

    The first thing I'm going to do is show it to Ray. He'll have a spaz attack when he sees it!

    Cool site, Bugs!

  18. I hope to God this isn't just somebody spoofing Terry. Because I just broke the strike long enough to rat him out to Ray.

    I also took screen captures of both his profile and that nasty blog his profile links to, in case he takes it down.

    Now, let me say this as well: If it turns out that this is just somebody impersonating Terry, I'll go right back on Ray's site and clear his name. I don't like the guy very much, but fair's fair. Even I don't fight that dirty.

  19. captain howdy,
    I think you fell for it. Note that the sexyTerry picture and the account only appeared after someone pointed out Terry's picture page, and after people commented on that specific picture.

  20. I think I might have used a bit more "I" statements (I believe other gods are made up for some reason or another.)

    Other than that, I can't say I disagree with his statement. Maybe I'll check out their site later and see what kind of people they are over there.

  21. Well, my two cents.

    This guy does not get a lot of attention. Whenever I call him on something he calls foul, or says I fail in logic (because I advise him to be careful to properly understand something before posting it), and he uses that paternalistic tone, and he ends up saying nothing.

    I do not know if the guy is worth more than one note showing him wrong, then we leave. He does not look like he even tries to debunk anything.


  22. Well, I've commented again at Dan't site. We'll see what comes of it.

    So far, he's not removed the comment I made in the other post.

  23. It looks like I've been lucky so far.

    He seemed to like the link I posted. It's run by people who are religious themselves.


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